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What will 2013 mean for the food scene?

"I think that grains other than corn and wheat are going to be common."
The Food Forecast:
By CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  December 21, 2012

The South End Circa 2000 Award

Neighborhood bar/restaurant Local 149 (149 P Street, South Boston, 617.269.0900) and its sibling, gourmet grocer American Provisions (613 East Broadway, South Boston, 617.269.6100), each represents...
By MC Slim JB  |  October 03, 2011
Local 149

Local 149

Photo: JOEL VEAKWe love a chef willing to widen her horizons. And in moving from Grezzo to Local 149, Leah Dubois made what could have...
By Scott Kearnan  |  July 25, 2011


When Jason Owens took the reins at the Biltmore Bar & Grille in Newton, the Nashville native introduced a little bit of Southern twang to...
By Stuff Boston  |  December 13, 2010