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Blood money

Katrina Browne’s Traces of the Trade is a legendary local documentary, a film on which all hands in Boston indie production seem to have toiled at some point.
Adventures in the slave trade
By GERALD PEARY  |  June 24, 2008

Traces of the Trade advances the discussion

Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North charts the early history of the DeWolfs, a prominent Bristol family whose first three generations were prosperously involved in the slave trade.
Race + Reconciliation
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  June 11, 2008

Buried History

Katrina Browne thought of her ancestors as sea-faring adventurers, affluent merchants, and distinguished statesmen.
Filmmaker sparks fresh dialogue about RI’s slave-trading past
By TE-PING CHEN  |  November 07, 2007