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The Road to 2012: The New New Hampshire

For Mitt Romney and other likely presidential contenders, 2011 will be a busy year of campaigning and preparation for the first caucuses and primaries of the nominating process in early 2012.
Mitt Romney and the rest of the GOP field are about to find a whole new set of players standing between them and first-in-the-nation primary victory
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  December 31, 2010

You call this winning?

President Barack Obama scored.
Afghanistan complications multiply. Plus, Congress is heading for a weak wrap-up.
By EDITORIAL  |  July 02, 2010

Might as well jump

Last Thursday, Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island — the last of his legendary clan in Congress — announced that he will not run for re-election.
Recent retirements of key democrats paints a picture of a powerful Republican rogue wave forming. So why are a number of high-profile Republicans leaving office too?
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  February 19, 2010

Supreme court

Next month, Congress will begin confirmation hearings to decide the fate of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, the 55-year-old Bronx native whom President Barack Obama nominated last month to fill retiring Justice David Souter's spot on the nine-memb
Maine senators playing major role in Sotomayor confirmation
By DEIRDRE FULTON  |  June 19, 2009

Judd Gregg, Tom Daschle, and Bill Richardson

It's totally unsexy to be on the guest list for the hottest party of the year only to get turned down at the door. But while we like Bill Richardson (despite his headmaster attire), literal limousine liberal Tom Daschle looks like an aging hipster jerkof
By Boston Phoenix Staff  |  March 26, 2009

Political ads return to Maine with a vengeance

Post-partisanship is dead already. A broad coalition of liberal and progressive groups is slamming R...
By Jeff Inglis  |  January 29, 2009


Old Mitt of the Mountain

Mitt Romney had a golden opportunity a week ago to do something about his inauthenticity problem, the one that even his most ardent supporters in New Hampshire recognize.
How the Romney campaign crumbled and fell in the Granite State primary
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  January 09, 2008

Michael and me

Arriving in Austin for the South by Southwest Film Festival, Mr. Film Culture was one swell-chested dude.
Moore’s the pity at SxSW
By GERALD PEARY  |  March 20, 2007

Charting New England

The six states' political stats and facts
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  January 03, 2007

The Senate does sarcasm

As Republicans used their control of the Senate to waste the month of June on a series of pointless debates — over gay marriage, flag burning, the estate tax, and the like — their Democratic Party colleagues countered with the one tool left in their arse
Is that a rhetorical question?
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  July 07, 2006