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Langevin, Cicilline at War Over Redistricting

Congressman James Langevin's office is sharply criticizing Congressman David Cicilline tonight after the release of a new redistricting map that would shift large swaths of...
By David Scharfenberg  |  December 12, 2011

In the GOP Primary: National Defense

With former state Representative and all-but-official Congressional candidate John J. Loughlin II set to return to Rhode Island from an Army Reserve deployment in Iraq...
By David Scharfenberg  |  December 09, 2011

Loughlin v. Doherty: the Staff Wars

Republican Congressional candidate Brendan Doherty's decision, last month, to hire former Rhode Island GOP Chairman Giovanni Cicione as his campaign manager and spokesman has created...
By David Scharfenberg  |  November 28, 2011

Carcieri Endorses Doherty

No great surprise here, but now it's official. Former Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri has endorsed Republican Brendan Doherty, former superintendent of the state police,...
By David Scharfenberg  |  November 02, 2011

Doherty Names Campaign Team

Former Rhode Island GOP chairman Giovanni Cicione is among the consultants retired police Col. Brendan Doherty has named to his campaign team for the Republican primary...
By David Scharfenberg  |  October 03, 2011

The Loughlin Message Game

Republican John J. Loughlin II's Congressional campaign formally trotted out the endorsement of House Minority Leader Brian Newberry today. No great surprise. Newberry has been on...
By David Scharfenberg  |  September 12, 2011

The GOP's Shift

New York Times columnist David Brooks has an interesting piece today on why we need to take Texas Governor Rick Perry's presidential ambitions seriously. Among...
By David Scharfenberg  |  August 26, 2011

In the Phoenix: Doherty, Old Timer's Tap

I've got a cover story in this week's Phoenix on Colonel Brendan Doherty's nascent Congressional campaign. What struck me in reporting this piece - and...
By David Scharfenberg  |  August 17, 2011

National Money

I've been blogging a bit, of late, about the GOP push to unseat Congressman David Cicilline next year. One of the perpetual challenges for Rhode...
By David Scharfenberg  |  August 11, 2011

Loughlin Fires Back

The sniping continues between the camps of GOP Congressional rivals John J. Loughlin II and Brendan Doherty, vying for the chance to unseat Congressman David...
By David Scharfenberg  |  July 27, 2011

Doherty Camp "Disappointed" in GOP Chairs

As N4N reported last week, Republican Congressional candidate John J. Loughlin II's campaign has organized a fundraiser in September that will feature 16 different city...
By David Scharfenberg  |  July 26, 2011

GOP Town Chairs Line Up Behind Loughlin

Republican Congressional candidate John J. Loughlin II, who is serving overseas in Iraq, has fallen behind GOP rival Brendan Doherty on the fundraising front. Doherty,...
By David Scharfenberg  |  July 22, 2011

RI GOP to Vote on Closing Primary in October

In a move that could have implications for the looming Republican Congressional primary between Brendan Doherty and John J. Loughlin II, the Rhode Island Republican State Central...
By David Scharfenberg  |  July 21, 2011

The Independent Man, and greased to go

Phillipe and Jorge were given a subtle indicator that it was going to be a tough election night when an ad for his-and-hers KY Jelly ran right after the early ballot projections on Channel 6's news at 9 pm. This was to be a Ben Dover Production, indeed
Our last words on campaign ’10; acting up; farewell, Len Jardine
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  November 05, 2010

Post-primary punditry; war games; holy howlers; words worth reading

OK, boys and girls, the primaries are over. Let’s see what hit the floor when the chips fell on Tuesday.
Fallen chips
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  September 17, 2010

Political pig pile

For some time now, we at Casa Diablo have been aware of what is either a heinous conspiracy involving the timing of local news revelations or just another unfair law of nature.
Kennedy sets off a free-for-all; bad news for Loughlin and Dennigan
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  February 19, 2010

Music to incite the savage beast

Although your superior correspondents try to avoid situations where we have no alternative but to be totally annoying, there have been times when P+J have agreed to karaoke performances.
‘My Way’ can kill you; Big money quashes ‘Big Money’; and a truly Soopah Bowl
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  February 12, 2010

Finally, a GOP gubernatorial contender!

Speaking of the GOP, it appears the party has a candidate — at last! — for the gubernatorial race, provided he doesn't wimp out like Rory Smith did when he realized he was in a no-win, not-ever situation.
Robitaille gives it a go. Plus, voter unrest, Reid puts his foot in it, and more.
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  January 15, 2010

Playing to our strength

Well, despite the fact that Little Rhody has become the poster child for the national recession, leading all states in statistical categories like unemployment and debt per capita, it is nice to know that we are able to deflect public attention from our
Nothing like a mass bust for a sense of old-time mobbed-up Rhode Island
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  November 19, 2008