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Probably most music lovers wouldn’t head their greatest-composer list with Carl Orff, despite the popularity of his violent, garish, sumptuously tuneful Carmina burana .
The BSO’s Carmina burana, the Cantata Singers, the Boston Camerata, and BLO’s Tales of Hoffmann
By LLOYD SCHWARTZ  |  November 11, 2008

Clash on the Providence waterfront

A specter is haunting the Providence waterfront — the prospect of change.
High-stakes battle pits competing visions for key real estate
By IAN DONNIS  |  October 17, 2007

Stormy weather

The BSO has been having terrible luck hanging on to its star soloists.
BSO cancellations, plus the Camerata, Jonathan Biss, Emmanuel Music, and more
By LLOYD SCHWARTZ  |  March 28, 2007

Boston Music News: January 19, 2007

Leah Callahan is the former singer from atmospheric Boston bands Turkish Delight and Betwixt, as well as the driving force behind a small performance-art/music group called the Illegitimate Theatre Company. Sebadoh, "The Freed Pig" (mp3)
Notes on the Glass Set, Six Day Slide, and the Sebadoh reunion
By JIM SULLIVAN  |  January 16, 2007

Erwartung . . .

BOSTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA music director James Levine will be back in February to continue his survey of Beethoven and Schoenberg with Metropolitan Opera diva Deborah Voigt in Beethoven’s “Ah! perfido” and Schoenberg’s Erwartung (“Awaiting”), along w
Classical goodies for 2007
By LLOYD SCHWARTZ  |  December 28, 2006

Harvard Square

Harvard Square was very different 40 years ago.
Ground zero for so much, for so many
By LLOYD SCHWARTZ  |  November 15, 2006


From Knoxville to Swan Lake and back

As our most prestigious classical-music institution, the Boston Symphony Orchestra ought to be every year’s headliner, and once again, under the adventuresome direction of James Levine, it is.
A chock-full season of classical music
By LLOYD SCHWARTZ  |  September 13, 2006

Not so simple gifts

The Shaker hymn “Simple Gifts” has been appropriated for everything from exultant wedding recessionals to a ludicrous car commercial, but I don’t think anyone has ever heard it in quite the same way as young Finnish choreographer Tero Saarinen.
Tero Saarinen at Jacob’s Pillow
By DEBRA CASH  |  July 25, 2006