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Review: The Dilemma

Such defining efforts as Cocoon and Apollo 13 seem light years away for Ron Howard after his meanderings in the pages of Dan Brown ( The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons ) and this tripe about men behaving badly.
Note to Vaughn: it's time to move on.
By TOM MEEK  |  January 21, 2011

Review: Creation

God-fearing creationists won't find anything to worry them in Jon Amiel's stiff, stodgy, PBS-style telling of the life of Charles Darwin (Paul Bettany) during the time he was writing (slowly, very slowly) The Origin of Species .
The origin of specious
By GERALD PEARY  |  January 22, 2010

Review: He's Just Not That Into You

And why isn't he? Could it be because you're needy, nagging, and possibly psychotic?
Reduces both men and women to shrill stereotypes
By PETER KEOUGH  |  February 04, 2009

Review: The Day the Earth Stood Still

The scene set in McDonald's makes sense, unlike the rest of the plot.
We're doomed
By BRETT MICHEL  |  December 16, 2008

Dance, Monkey: The Steamy Bohemians

We can’t believe she chose her baby brother over David’s Bowie.
We put a couple of comics on the hot seat. This week’s victims . . .
By SARA FAITH ALTERMAN  |  November 06, 2007

No Reservations

Rage itself becomes a monster.
Author John Burnham Schwartz on adapting his novel, Reservation Road
By JENNY HALPER  |  October 18, 2007


Open city

In the pioneering early-’80s days of the Toronto Film Festival, the audience actually rose before movie showings for a canned recording of “God Save the Queen.”
The 2007 Toronto Film Festival
By GERALD PEARY  |  September 18, 2007


Of course I imagined I was Jennifer Connelly.
David Bowie in tights
By NINA MACLAUGHLIN  |  June 27, 2007

Blood Diamond

After centuries of raping Africa for its resources, now we exploit its misery for our amusement. Watch the trailer for Blood Diamond  (QuickTime)
Raping Africa for ratings
By PETER KEOUGH  |  February 20, 2007

Little Children

Suburbia is hell, and serious Hollywood movies from The Graduate to American Beauty have been there to point fingers on the lawns of the damned. Watch the trailer for Little Children  (QuickTime)
Bums out suburbanites and makes Oscar happy
By A.S. HAMRAH  |  February 20, 2007

New to DVD for the week of December 27, 2005

New DVD releases for the week of December 27, 2005
By  |  January 17, 2006