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'Round town: ''New Growth'' and ''Sleight of Hand''

Jen Raimondi’s “New Growth” exhibit turns AS220’s Project Space (93 Mathewson Street, Providence, through July 24) into something of a haunted house, with odd stuff sprouting from bouquets of dried flowers and silicone replicas of human bones.
New works at AS220 and Craftland
By GREG COOK  |  July 16, 2010

The other stuff

The apparent inspiration for the Museum of Small Finds at Machines with Magnets is a Renaissance cabinet of wonders
Machines with Magnets’ Museum of Small Finds
By GREG COOK  |  October 22, 2008

“Cryptic Providence” digs deep

It’s one thing to have performances on a stage and art works in a gallery, and another to accomplish what “Cryptic Providence” will do.
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  June 11, 2008