Jekyll and Hyde

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Jekyll & Hyde at PPAC

There is something to admire as well as eye-roll about melodrama, with all its inflated emotions and brake-squealing plot turns.
The beast within
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  January 04, 2013

From Rhinoceros to Metamorphoses to Amadeus

A goofy spoof of King Arthur and his merry men, and an appreciative take on one of the wives of Henry VIII.
Raise the Curtain
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  December 28, 2012

Review: The Wolfman

Joe Johnston sets his remake of the 1941 Lon Chaney Jr. classic The Wolf Man in Victorian England, a fitting backdrop for a Jekyll and Hyde –esque tale of men battling beasts within.
Splashes of gore and sulky introspection
By MADDY MYERS  |  February 19, 2010