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Naming names

Any effort at survival by the Portland Press Herald should take advantage of the ample brainpower and ability already on staff
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By JEFF INGLIS  |  April 10, 2009


With last week's news that Portland Press Herald managing editor Bob Crider has been summoned back to the state of Washington to run a Blethen-owned paper there.
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By JEFF INGLIS  |  March 11, 2009

Staying focused

If current PPH newshounds don't stay sharp, they might as well be writing on the wall.
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By JEFF INGLIS  |  April 09, 2008

Pressure is on

The execs over at the Portland Press Herald are notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to talking about their newspaper to other media organizations.
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By JEFF INGLIS  |  March 12, 2008

Gender confusion?

Press Herald watchers have long since tired of editor Jeannine Guttman’s roughly weekly “Editor’s Note” columns.
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By JEFF INGLIS  |  February 13, 2008

Letters to the Portland editor: January 4, 2008

Thank you for finding out and reporting on the scurrilous concealment by the Blethen Newspapers of their inviting Plum Creek’s CEO onto their board of directors.
What the PPH won't do


Who killed Edward Okeny?

When members of Portland’s Sudanese community gathered at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception on November 16 to lay to rest 26-year-old Edward Okeny, the church was filled with more than just their collective grief.
Portland police ignore a stone-cold mystery
By RICK WORMWOOD  |  December 05, 2007

Straight to video

Frank Blethen has spent a lot of time supporting federal regulations that limit media consolidation, saying more owners equal more viewpoints, equals better democracy.
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By JEFF INGLIS  |  October 10, 2007

Laid off

Here are two items major Maine newspapers would rather you not know about.
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By JEFF INGLIS  |  August 29, 2007

Startup media watchdog downplays bite

A group of New England journalists, academics, and media critics have founded a new regional organization, the New England News Forum, to support the integrity of area news outlets in an age of increased public distrust of the media.
Black and white
By SARA DONNELLY  |  November 30, 2006

Press Herald to host section-front ads

The Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram will begin publishing paid advertisements on the front pages of its Business, Outdoors, and Sports sections starting October 1, according to employees who spoke on the condition they not be named, for fea
Sales force
By JEFF INGLIS  |  September 27, 2006

TJI conrad list photo 4/21/06

Beats moving

Eric Conrad, the Portland Press Herald 's managing editor for the past five years, is leaving May 1 to become the editor of the   News-Times in Danbury, Connecticut.
Press Herald editor heading south
By JEFF INGLIS  |  April 19, 2006