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James Hunter at the Narrows Center

James Hunter at the Narrows Center

How suave, soulful, and retro can one dude be? To learn the answer, head to James Hunter's show at the Narrows Center for the Arts,...
By webteam  |  June 22, 2010

2008 Listravaganza!

We are not at all sick of bands with animal names yet and seem to have a soft spot for Erykah Badu that we kept very hush about all year.
An absolute glut of cruelly reductive Top 10 lists from our dedicated staff of tirelessly enthusiastic writers
By BOSTON PHOENIX MUSIC STAFF  |  December 24, 2008

Going on sale: September 12, 2008

Chinese Stars, Kings of Leon, Diamond Mines, Tsu Shi Ma Me Re, Ani DiFranco and more.
Breaking news from the concert ticket trade
By GOING ON SALE  |  September 10, 2008

Soul men

Classic soul music’s timelessness has come again.
Hucknall, Hunter, and Burke
By TED DROZDOWSKI  |  June 02, 2008

Going on sale: May 2, 2008

James Hunter, Louis XIV, Jakob Dylan, and more

Breaking news from the concert ticket trade

By GOING ON SALE  |  April 30, 2008

The Hi-Hat

The Hi-Hat has gained a rep as a comfortable place to sip a brew and listen to some great music.
Putting the supper back into the club
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  May 02, 2007


The new tastemakers

It’s a cliché by now, but the Internet allows you to be whomever you want to be.
Does Pandora know you better than you do?
By CHRISTOPHER GRAY  |  January 31, 2007

Live To Tell

Two-thousand-six was a black year for blues.
A year in blues
By TED DROZDOWSKI  |  December 20, 2006

Going on sale: September 8

Badly Drawn Boy, Lez Zeppelin, Hot Chip, Lot Six, and more.
Breaking news from the concert-ticket trade  
By GOING ON SALE  |  September 05, 2006

Soul brothers

Hunter and Lidell's music shares something deeper than demographics: an abiding interest in the classic Southern R&B of Otis Redding and Sam Cooke. Both men prove that blue-eyed soul didn’t die with Hall & Oates.
James Hunter and Jamie Lidell
By MIKAEL WOOD  |  June 21, 2006

Summer concert preview

Why cool down when the concert scene is just getting warmed up? Summer Guide 2006: Cheap thrills from Bar Harbor to New Haven.
Some ideas on how to rock away the summer months.
By WILL SPITZ  |  June 19, 2006

Free stuff

JAMES HUNTER | January 12 at Lizard Lounge, Cambridge | 8 pm | 617.547.0759
For the week of January 6, 2006
By  |  January 06, 2006