Jacob Galle

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Quivering timbers

What’s a tree without roots? Usually it’s the kitchen cabinet or a sheaf of inkjet paper, but for Maine artist Jacob Galle, the answer is a lot less complicated.
A suspended forest in Brunswick
By NICHOLAS SCHROEDER  |  April 30, 2010

Growing pains

Although no one piece in this spartan biennial is lacking in value, the collective effect is one destined to get lost in the Rolodex.
The 2009 PMA Biennial steps awkwardly forward
By IAN PAIGE  |  April 10, 2009

Sketch artists

A man with an ax walks out onto ice crusting over part of a pond and proceeds to chop a wavy line.
The BCA’s ‘20th Drawing Show,’ plus Little Lulu
By GREG COOK  |  December 09, 2007

Country living

If you were Little Red Riding Hood, you’d want A. Jacob Galle to save you.
A. Jacob Galle on trees, video art, + NYC
By IAN PAIGE  |  January 24, 2007