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Review: Australia

Baz Luhrmann's incontinent Australia
Baz Luhrmann's Oz and ends
By PETER KEOUGH  |  November 25, 2008

Sex, violence and video games

Popular culture has always had a bogeyman. These days, it’s most often video games being accused of leading the nation’s youth astray.
Reconciling the irreconcilable
By MITCH KRPATA  |  April 23, 2008

The killing joke

“Murder simulators.” That’s the term notorious anti-games crusader Jack Thompson coined to describe any game in which one character kills another.
Manhunt 2  ought to be committed
By MITCH KRPATA  |  November 14, 2007

Monkey business

Florida lawyer/video game scapegoater Jack Thompson has it all wrong.
Champ versus chump in The King of Kong
By BRETT MICHEL  |  August 22, 2007

Zombie sheep?

After a top-notch first two days, the Fifth  Independent Film Festival of Boston weathers some ups and downs through the remainder of its schedule.
Plus Donkey Kong, the Super Amigos, and ‘the greatest film of all time’ at the IFFB
By PHOENIX FILM STAFF  |  April 29, 2007

Sleeper cell

On the surface, Gears of War is as macho and chest-beating an action game as they come.
Death comes from below in Gears of War
By MITCH KRPATA  |  November 28, 2006


School for scoundrels

Ever since Rockstar Games announced it was making Bully , the controversial publisher has been the target of even more criticism than usual.
Bully goes to the head of the class
By MITCH KRPATA  |  November 08, 2006

Retirement party

By Christmas, the battle lines will have been drawn in the next-gen console wars.
This fall, the PlayStation 2 and GameCube go down swinging
By MITCH KRPATA  |  September 19, 2006