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Dracula's new digs

Take a quick glance at the fall calendar for performance events and you'll see there's a whole lotta dancin' goin' on!
Plus, Fusionworks turns 25, and a world of exotic moves
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  September 14, 2012

Island Moving Co.’s Open for Dancing

Since its founding 28 years ago, Island Moving Co. has often included site-specific dances in its presentations: some were adapted to be inside Newport's elegant mansions.
An immersive experience
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  September 16, 2011

Island Moving Co. and friends

Island Moving Co. in Newport is nothing if not supportive of other dance companies and choreographers, having worked with many from far (Colin Connor) and near (Colleen Cavanaugh) over their 28-year history.
A great group effort
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  July 29, 2011

Fall Dance Preview: Kick up your heels!

This fall’s dance events include reprises at local companies.
Things are moving around town
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  September 17, 2010

A gathering of the tribe

As they've done for the past few years, Island Moving Co. is taking no chances on the weather — they'd previously done summer outdoor performances for almost 20 years.
Island Moving Co.'s Great Friends Festival
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  July 09, 2010

Seduction and submission

Take one spooky story. Add one spooky castle. Stir in suspenseful music and dance movement. What you get is Island Moving Co.’s Dracula.
Island Moving Co.’s Dracula has bite
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  March 26, 2010


Must-see moves

Two of this fall's dance performances will tell Halloween-style stories — a reprise of Viktor Plotnikov's THE WIDOW'S BROOM , by Festival Ballet Providence, and a premiere of Miki Ohlsen's DRACULA , by Island Moving Co.
Flying feet and acrobatic hijinks
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  September 18, 2009

Time to Dance? Dance. Dance!

Although Island Moving Co. has moved their summer dance concerts inside, after 20 years of battling the elements at outdoor venues around Newport, they have chosen an unusual and historic site — the 1699 Great Friends Meeting House, the oldest surviving
Island Moving Co. Takes It Inside
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  July 24, 2009
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Making a connection

"Everything old is new again" never seems more true than with the evanescent art form of dance.
Island Moving Co.'s Passions Collide
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  May 22, 2009

Stepping out

Appropriately titled Open for Dancing , this event brings in three choreographers to do site-specific dances at three Newport spots, in collaboration with artists.
Island Moving Co.’s Open for Dancing
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  September 17, 2008

Giants and Steps

Island Moving Co. will present new dances and works from their repertoire at its summer Flight of Steps series, July 11 through 13 and July 16 through 20.
Island Moving Co. takes its annual Flight
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  July 09, 2008

Tales by the Sea

When Island Moving Co. decides on a collaborative project to celebrate their 25th anniversary, they go for broke.
Island Moving Co.’s Newport Stories
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  September 18, 2007

Spring steps

Connor walked around the rehearsal, encouraging the dancers to “think of yourself as a hawk.”
Island Moving Co.’s Four Off the Floor
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  May 08, 2007

Keeping it fresh

The ’80s were a fertile time for dance in Rhode Island, spawning the still-thriving Island Moving Co., Everett Dance Theatre, and Fusionworks.
The ever-evolving Fusionworks
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  November 13, 2006


The unusual title — Open for Dancing — for Island Moving Co.’s five-day fall dance festival comes from several sources.
Island Moving Co. out in the Open  
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  September 19, 2006

Giant Steps

Island Moving Co.’s summer concert series, Flight of Steps , once again combines company members and guest performers, local and out-of-town choreographers.
Island Moving Co. makes its annual Flight
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  July 11, 2006