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Review: My Heart Is An Idiot

Is My Heart is an Idiot an act of utter solipsism or utter self-effacement?
Davy Rothbart's misadventures in David Meiklejohn's first feature film
By CHRISTOPHER GRAY  |  May 13, 2011

Blink and you'll miss it: sweet celeb cameos + an epic staring contest

How many awesome things can you find in this video? It's not a game; it's a legitimate question. Dan ‘Danimal' Konopka, drummer for think-outside-the-music-video-box OK...
By Alexandra Cavallo  |  July 01, 2010

Scarlet letters

Sarah Vowell’s fifth book, The Wordy Shipmates (Riverhead) — released on October 7 — examines New England Puritans with a meticulously researched, critical-yet-comical eye.  
The uptight killjoy in us
By CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  October 09, 2008

Interview: John Hodgman

Long before John Hodgman became universally recognized as the systems-challenged PC in Apple’s ads, he was writing fake trivia for such publications as McSweeney’s and the New York Times Magazine.  
One man's operating system
By CLEA SIMON  |  October 08, 2008

The shores of cool

I’d love to get all swept up in the hullabaloo surrounding Liz Phair’s 1993, now seminal, now reissued  Exile in Guyville , I really would.
Interview: Liz Phair paddles back to Guyville
By MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  August 26, 2008

Book mad

He speaks quickly, with a friendly, nervous laugh, in cadences that sound like a cross between Ira Glass and Martin Scorsese.
Interview: Keith Gessen’s young literary life
By JON GARELICK  |  April 15, 2008


Christmas cheers

Both mini-plays are stirring up non-stop giggles and guffaws at the Gamm.
Huzzahs for Gamm’s Santaland and Greetings
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  December 11, 2007

Watch your back

The stage is set for surveillance.
Look out for Interference
By MEGAN GRUMBLING  |  October 24, 2007

Seeing isn’t believing

Public radio has a number of gritty survival skills. One of these is the ability to fly under the pop-culture radar like an ambiguously cool former classmate.
Ira Glass takes This American Life to television
By SHARON STEEL  |  March 14, 2007

Spring break

Spring rules
The best of what's to come in March, April & May
By WILL SPITZ  |  March 09, 2006

More than Mozart

One of the spring’s most exciting prospects is the premiere of John Harbison’s But Mary Stood: Sacred Symphonies for Chorus and Instruments.
Warming up with a busy concert season
By LLOYD SCHWARTZ  |  March 08, 2006

Boston feasts

The Boston Symphony Orchestra, Celebrity Series, Emmanuel Music, Boston Early Music Festival, and more.
Winter concert preview: classical goodies in 2006
By LLOYD SCHWARTZ  |  January 14, 2006