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Hard-wired fuzz

The Inclined's December '08 debut, The First Day of Many, continues to captivate my attention with big hooks, spacey synths, and manipulated guitar riffs and squalls, at times encapsulated in fuzz and exploding with unabashedly catchy gems.
The Inclined are finding a balance
By CHRIS CONTI  |  June 26, 2009

Riot act

Girl Talk plays a little bit of everything
Girl Talk plays a little bit of everything
By MICHAEL ALAN GOLDBERG  |  November 10, 2008

Sick leave

Because of an unforeseen medical emergency and resultant procedure, “Big Hurt” columnist David Thorpe was unable to furnish his regularly scheduled column to the Phoenix this week.
David Thorpe: The early writings
By DAVID THORPE  |  June 10, 2008

Playlist: August 24, 2007

Jerry Lee Lewis, Percy Faith, Huey Lewis & the News, and more.
Matt Parish of Ho-Ag: “Five favorite records I got at my grandparents’ house in West Virginia this year”
By MATT PARISH  |  August 21, 2007


If you’ve seen Short Cuts , you’ll recall the fishing-trip segment in which Huey Lewis pisses into a stream.
Raymond Carver's human tragedy in near perfect form
By TOM MEEK  |  May 17, 2007


Anytime Halloween falls on, say, a Tuesday, you can be sure the costume parties will begin the previous Friday, if not earlier.
The holiday that keeps on giving
By MATT ASHARE  |  November 08, 2006


Metal queens

 “Tonight’s like the night where there’s all sorts of hot-chick DJs who like Metallica?” gasped an enthusiastic club patron on a recent night in Central Square. “I’ve heard about those nights at ZuZu. They’re infamous!”
Hairspray and headbangers at Zuzu; 7L’s new blends
By DAVID DAY  |  July 19, 2006