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Ordinance aims to easy the bite of displacement

When Granoff Associates announced plans in May to renovate the Arcade in downtown Providence, tenants in the building got a scant 30 days’ notice.
By AMY LITTLEFIELD  |  August 27, 2008

Your history

For a building, inclusion on the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s 11 Most Endangered list is a mixed blessing.
‘Impermanence’ at the Essex Art Center, ‘Two Chinas’ at WAM, Renée Green at the Carpenter Center, and Feminism at the MFA
By RANDI HOPKINS  |  February 26, 2008

A “good” tax break in the making

Legislative leadership supports it, and so does Governor John Baldacci. Last year, the Taxation Committee gave it a unanimous “ought to pass” report. It looks golden.
Historic rehab
By LANCE TAPLEY  |  February 20, 2008

Ride, don't drive

This summer, with price gouging at the pumps at an all-time high, motoring vacations promise to be an even more miserable travel experience than usual.
Oil companies gouge us every time we get behind the wheel, so try a no-car vacation
By ASHLEY RIGAZIO  |  June 11, 2007

Hurtful speech

 I can’t remember the last time so many commentators from diverse points of view got together in a kumbaya circle.
Letters to the Boston editor: April 27, 2007
By BOSTON PHOENIX LETTERS  |  April 25, 2007


Historic church ready to be saved

The fate of Portland’s Abyssinian Church has been to wait — through fire, through years of neglect, and now, through paperwork.
By JOSEPH R. THOMPSON  |  February 07, 2007

The more things change, the more they stay the same

In December 2000, the threat to replace Fort Thunder and other old mills in Eagle Square with a bland strip mall attracted a broad and spirited opposition movement.
The artist-development clash, as seen through the Phoenix archives
By IAN DONNIS  |  September 14, 2006

Outcry saves Johnny B’s in Cranston

So often, it seems, historic structures are relegated to the scrap heap, an afterthought in the drive for progress, in society’s drive for newer, bigger and better.
Diner dilemma
By RICHARD C. LEWIS  |  May 31, 2006

Class warfare in Olneyville

The posters sprouted in mid-April, salvos in the rhetorical battle over the future of Providence’s West Side.
The strains of a worsening statewide housing crisis erupt on providence’s west side
By IAN DONNIS  |  May 24, 2006

In her own words

  This is the complete and unedited text of a statement released by Karen Shugrue:
Shugrue on being 'caught on tape'
By  |  May 24, 2006

Much ado about nothing

Please, spare us all the media-orchestrated hand-wringing about how the Providence Preservation Society has chosen to add the name of our former mayor, the Bud-I, to its Hall of Fame, as one of 50 individuals and groups who made giant strides in preservi
Cianci deserves his Providence Preservation Society recognition
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  May 03, 2006