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What's F'n Next? Caveman

Most people are probably sick to death of Brooklyn being a hipster's paradise where dinks with moustaches tatted on their fingers drive fixed-gear bikes to Williamsburg bars to pay $6.50 for a can of PBR.
Brooklyn, New York
By MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER  |  February 22, 2013

Hipster fart jokes(1)

Toot, toot.

By BRIAN MCFADDEN  |  January 11, 2013

Rewarding inefficiency

As Obama barnstorms swing-state college campuses, he's making affordability of higher education the centerpiece of efforts to cast himself as wonkish hipster against Mitt Romney's rich, out-of-touch white guy.
One Cent’s Worth
By MARC MEWSHAW  |  September 07, 2012

Conservatives to watch out for

Last summer, lefty comedian Michael Ian Black and conservative pundit Meghan McCain took a cross-country road trip together so they could write a book about it.

By EUGENIA WILLIAMSON  |  July 20, 2012

Attack of the Hipster Conservatives

Arthur Brietman thinks of it as the "Oh no" moment.
They want limited government and fixed-gear bicycles — and your best friend might be one of them
By EUGENIA WILLIAMSON  |  July 20, 2012

Review: Hipsters

The first Russian musical in half a century, Valery Todorovsky's Hipsters gets rubles for trying, but what's on screen is thin and obvious, the characters one-dimensional, the musical numbers and satire vapid.
Nice try, Russian musical
By GERALD PEARY  |  April 13, 2012

Chimp, Hipster, or Republican?

Can you tell chimps, hipsters, and Republicans apart? Take this quiz and find out.
Similar to Simians Dept.
Anarchy apple small

A study in anarchy

Named after a family of birds that is markedly playful and diverse, Corvid is a benevolent underground anarchist institute fostering eclectic inter-disciplinary thought.
With no campus, accreditation, or heirarchy, Corvid College thrives underground
By CHRIS FARAONE  |  July 29, 2011

Hipster fart jokes

Elitist potty humor that will probably go over your head.
Big Fat Whale
By BRIAN MCFADDEN  |  July 22, 2011

In the Audience + Milkman's Union + Dirty Dishes at SPACE Gallery, May 29

Dinner ran a bit late, and when I finally arrived at SPACE, the Dirty Dishes were on their last song.
Music seen
By AMANDA PLEAU  |  June 03, 2011

Letters to the Boston editor, April 15, 2011

I'll admit that I'm one of the few degenerates in this world that genuinely enjoys marzipan.
Catch the pasty wave
By BOSTON PHOENIX LETTERS  |  April 15, 2011


Review: Happythankyoumoreplease

Sam Wexler (Josh Radnor, who also wrote and directed) is an asshole.
Trivial hipster quandaries
By MICHAEL C. WALSH  |  April 01, 2011

Tiny Showcase grapples with a market gone big

Jon Buonaccorsi stands alongside a large, rectangular table and plays with a series of flat, wooden pieces that, when assembled, make for an arty little pizza shop that might look sharp on your mantle.
Print It
By DAVID SCHARFENBERG  |  March 25, 2011

Interview: Christian Lander

With his first book, Stuff White People Like , and his blog of the same name, Christian Lander poked savage fun at the urban bourgeoisie. He hit a nerve and the bestseller list; it all culminated in an appearance on Conan .
Beyond the pale
By EUGENIA WILLIAMSON  |  January 21, 2011

Paint with your computer

Hipster Tip #27: Always be painfully literal.
By DAVID KISH  |  September 10, 2010
Let's Get Weird: a 'news' round-up

Let's Get Weird: a 'news' round-up

(Photo courtesy of look at this fucking hipster)  This guy decided to photograph the contents of various Atlanta hipsters' purses and man-bags to try to...
By webteam  |  August 19, 2010

New species of Hipster discovered: Area experts confounded

New species of Hipster discovered: Area experts confounded

Hipsters, man. There was a time when the Hipster was a fairly innocuous, sub-dwelling creature of the urban night. One would have to travel to...
By Alexandra Cavallo  |  July 01, 2010