Henry Luce

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Twilight of the superheroes

While riding the New York subway one warm night in 1922, Hotchkiss-schooled, Yale-educated Henry Robinson Luce conjured the name of his epoch-defining magazine after spotting an arresting advertising placard.
The ghost of Time Inc.’s Henry Luce haunts Bill Keller, Executive Editor of the New York Times
By PETER KADZIS  |  April 30, 2010


The new guy showed up as a guest at the Lakeside Golf Club in 1932, and to the surprise of absolutely no one, he won the club championship the first time he entered it.
The thief who reinvented himself as a Hollywood celebrity
By GEORGE KIMBALL  |  June 09, 2008

Media monopolies kill

Anyone who doubts that big media monopolies are bad for democracy should take a look at how much the Post Office charges magazines to mail issues to subscribers.
How Time Warner — and other conglomerates — threatens freedom of the press
By EDITORIAL  |  July 13, 2007