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The immortal life of Harvey Pekar

So here's our man, gone these two years and still putting out work.
A comics legend’s posthumous abundance
By S.I. ROSENBAUM  |  August 31, 2012

Slideshow: Harvey Pekar

Artifacts from the David Bieber archives of the late comic-book writer's work
Artifacts from the David Bieber archives of the late comic-book writer's work
By DAVID BIEBER  |  July 16, 2010

Lost splendor

In case you haven't heard, LeBron James will play basketball in Miami next season. Yawn.
Balls, Pucks and Monster Trucks
By RICK WORMWOOD  |  July 16, 2010

Harvey Pekar: 1939 - 2010

In memoriam
In memoriam
By JON GARELICK  |  July 16, 2010

Robert Crumb at MassArt

R. Crumb's Underground at MassArt
The beast in me
By GREG COOK  |  February 03, 2009

Girl power at Halitosis Hall

Phillipe + Jorge have always been strong supporters of state Senator Teresa Paiva Weed, the presumptive (God, do we hate that word) new Senate president.
Paiva Weed to reach lofty height in old boys' club
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  November 12, 2008


Repression illustrated

Graphic novels are an acquired taste.
People’s history in graphic format
By CLIF GARBODEN  |  July 01, 2008

The 100 unsexiest men in the world

Welcome to the first installment of's 100 Unsexiest Men in the World.
Who would Scarlett least like to be with?
By BILL JENSEN & RYAN STEWART  |  March 27, 2008

Permanent shuffle

Every year the box sets reshuffle jazz history.
Box sets and jazz history
By JON GARELICK  |  December 12, 2006