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Review: Fish Tank

Scottish director Andrea Arnold rushes in where most other directors — male ones, especially — fear to tread.
Andrea Arnold's unsentimental education
By PETER KEOUGH  |  January 29, 2010

City of Ember

Kids who see the truth when adults cannot is a central idea in children’s stories, but today’s kids would hardly recognize the grown-ups in Ember’s totalitarian society.  
Outdated, passable entertainment
By MARK BAZER  |  October 15, 2008

Pleasures still unknown

Ian Curtis (Sam Riley) of the Manchester band Joy Division wrote songs that evoke, with incantatory inevitability, terror, delight, and ecstasy.
Conventions take Control of Ian Curtis
By PETER KEOUGH  |  October 24, 2007

Brothers of the Head

It's kind of like Spinal Tap with a shared liver and no laughs. Watch the trailer for Brothers of the Head  (QuickTime)
Conjoins talent and a vision
By PETER KEOUGH  |  August 01, 2006