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Arts Well - Buffalo Tom

25 years later, Buffalo Tom's frontman looks back at the early days

Buffalo Tom was on its way up. But back then, the farthest imaginable point "up" for a band like us was to be able to tour the States and Europe, maybe headlining places like the Channel or even, in our wildest dreams, the Orpheum. This was P.N. (pre-Nir
Career in rock
By BILL JANOVITZ  |  November 18, 2011

Social Distortion | Hart Times and Nursery Rhymes

There aren't many punk stalwarts who can weave a tale of being down and out quite like Mike Ness, and for the most part he's in top form on this seventh studio release from Social D.
 Epitaph (2011)
By Michael Christopher  |  January 14, 2011

Live review: Mezcalitos at Mayo Street Arts, November 20

Many American social institutions unite strangers of different generations. In bowling leagues, you can roll pin-for-pin with a person twice your age without breaking a sweat.
Music seen
By NICHOLAS SCHROEDER  |  November 26, 2010

Aleric Nez needs no accompaniment

For any songwriter, the urge can be great to add in that string section, that trumpet piece, that bit of backing vocal that’s so easy to hear right at the edge of consciousness.
Ramblin' man
By SAM PFEIFLE  |  October 29, 2010

Amazing grace

The morning after I get back from the 41st annual New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, an oil executive is on the radio: “We’re throwing everything we have at it.” Meaning the exploded BP-leased well in the Gulf of Mexico, 50 miles off the coast of
The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival carries on
By JON GARELICK  |  May 07, 2010

Cowboy junkie

England in the mid-’80s, gray and depressed by Thatcherism and the Smiths, wasn’t a place folks typically dressed to the nines in ten-gallon hats, bolo ties, and Nudie shirts. But such were the sartorial choices made those days by the members of the Meko
In his paintings and music, Jon Langford resurrects and pays respect to a vanished American past
By MIKE MILIARD  |  April 09, 2010


Midnight ramblers

In rock ’n’ roll, it was possible to live in Harvard Square, be a musician — a local musician — and be able to pay your rent and find restaurants where you could eat and buy food and survive, and feel that there was a sense of . . . future, with hope and
Rock legend Peter Wolf serves dinner and verse to the Phoenix ’s poet .
By LLOYD SCHWARTZ  |  April 09, 2010

Nervous guy

In his better solo songs and the majority of the material he’s made with the alt-country band Old 97’s, Rhett Miller is a big-mouthed wannabe playboy on the verge of collapse.
Rhett Miller’s anxious and irresistible pop songs
By CHRISTOPHER GRAY  |  March 26, 2010

Lightning strikes

When Hank Williams sang a song like "My Son Calls Another Man Daddy" he could sell it because he'd been down low: born with spina bifida, father with a paralyzed face thanks to a stroke, brother he never knew because he was already dead.
Weather the storm with Roy Davis's third LP
By SAM PFEIFLE  |  January 22, 2010

Updike does death, R. Crumb does God, Vanity Fair does Proust

Trying to reach as broad a range of tastes and pocketbooks as possible, we this year scavenged everything from the front pages of the Onion to R. Crumb's genesis, to valedictory Updike. Stuff to read, stuff to look at, glossy pages and matte. Remember
Gift books to savor
By PHOENIX STAFF  |  December 11, 2009

Rosanne Cash | The List

In 1973, when she was an 18-year-old rock fan, Rosanne Cash's dad gave her a list of songs he felt she should know — mostly country, all falling under the current banner Americana. She held onto that list, and now she's recorded a dozen tunes from it.
Manhattan (2009)
By JEFF TAMARKIN  |  October 02, 2009

dt list

Born to rock

The last time Deer Tick were in Portland, at SPACE Gallery in November 2007, then-21-year-old frontman John McCauley decided to sing the national anthem. He sprung offstage and hit the floor belting the Tony Bennett standard "I Left My Heart in San Fra
Deer Tick take it to the roadhouse
By CHRISTOPHER GRAY  |  July 17, 2009
deer list

Hail, Deer Tick!

Heady days for Deer Tick.
The Providence rockers are poised for a breakthrough with Born On Flag Day
By DAVID SCHARFENBERG  |  June 19, 2009

Dave Douglas and Brass Ecstasy | Spirit Moves

One of the most genial CDs in Douglas's vast discography is also one of his most accomplished.
Greenleaf Music (2009)
By JON GARELICK  |  June 19, 2009

A bug in your ear

Back in the summer of 2004, John J. McCauley III was out for a hike with some friends in the woods of his native Rhode Island.
Deer Tick neither bite nor suck
By RYAN STEWART  |  April 17, 2009


Talking with Nathaniel Facey, the alto-saxophonist in the London band Empirical, you find it difficult at first to pin down where and how the quintet developed their unusual compositional style.
Empirical go to the movies, plus the Hot 8
By JON GARELICK  |  July 28, 2008


Preacher Jack gets it from on high

“I get my energy directly from Jesus,” says Preacher Jack Coughlin.
Boston rock legend and 66-year-old piano wrangler keeps hammering the keys
By TED DROZDOWSKI  |  June 17, 2008

O, Canada!

You’d be forgiven for assuming that nothing’s been going on in Canada for the last few years beyond the interconnected shenanigans of that country’s indie-rock elite.
Cowboy Junkies, k.d. lang, and Kathleen Edwards are not hockey pucks
By MIKAEL WOOD  |  February 19, 2008

Dancing in the Dark

If you’re a Cat Power devotee or even a casual fan, you’ve heard the horror stories about Chan Marshall’s live performances.
Cat Power at the Orpheum Theatre, February 7, 2008
By MEGAN V. BELL  |  February 12, 2008

Boston hits Detroit

There’s a dirty little secret about the J. Geils Band — one that diehard Boston fans don’t always appreciate hearing.
Peter Wolf joins forces with Kid Rock
By MATT ASHARE  |  January 29, 2008

Dead of Winter + Fiery Furnaces

It was a weekend of big acts and big crowds at SPACE Gallery.
Music seen at SPACE Gallery, January 18-19
By CHRISTOPHER GRAY  |  January 23, 2008

Gram Parsons

These two discs go a long way toward supporting the notion that Parsons was a pivotal player in the rise of country rock.
Archives Vol. 1 | Amoeba
By JEFF TAMARKIN  |  January 07, 2008

Call the Truckers

It seems the big new thing on the local music scene is to include one super-cool cover from the ’80s on your new album.
Scott Link is Coming Around
By SAM PFEIFLE  |  July 11, 2007

Rock, roll, jump, jive

There are plenty of Mainers supplying the Austin music scene, but there aren’t a ton of Texans holding down the fort in these parts.
Sean Mencher heads for the Finnish
By SAM PFEIFLE  |  March 07, 2007

From Bono to Blake

At 60, Patti Smith remains something of an elder punk stateswoman.
Patti Smith, Institute of Contemporary Art, February 21, 2007
By JIM SULLIVAN  |  February 27, 2007

Darling Downs

Australia has always had a way of taking American genres and making them their own in a down-to-earth way, from the breeziness of singer-songwriter Paul Kelly to the power pop of the Hoodoo Gurus and You Am I to the garage rumblings of Lime Spiders and J
How Can I Forget This Heart of Mine? | Carrot Top
By ANDREW MARCUS  |  December 11, 2006


Steady rollin’ man

“Right now I’m more happy than ever,” says Duke Robillard.
Duke Robillard on touring with Tom Waits, and more
By BOB GULLA  |  September 19, 2006


Lambchop are the band playing in the bar of Nashville’s nicest hotel as the world collapses around them. Lambchop, “Paperback Bible”  
Damaged | Merge
By MIKAEL WOOD  |  September 18, 2006

Finding the future in the past

Dylan is going back to a period he loves. That period happens to be one before he was born, but what the hell?
Dylan makes history
By CHARLES TAYLOR  |  September 07, 2006

Family affairs

Good news for Meat Puppets fans: the post-hardcore band who hit on a strange interstice of country, psychedelia, and punk a quarter-century ago are alive and kicking. Curt Kirkwood, "Golden Lies" (mp3) Curt Kirkwood, "Beautiful Weapon" (mp3)
A solo Curt Kirkwood and his new Meat Puppets
By JIM SULLIVAN  |  July 11, 2006