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Red Alert! Code Webster!

Dear Agents of the Central Agency of Blackness — Maine Division ...
Diverse City
By SHAY STEWART-BOULEY  |  December 07, 2012
Review: New Year's Eve

Review: New Year's Eve

Lately Garry Marshall has shown a certain genius for turning miserable holidays into terrible movies.
Feast of forced fun
By PETER KEOUGH  |  December 09, 2011

End of the world movies we will miss because of the end of the world

 It's a shame that the world is ending May 21 because that means we'll miss some interesting end of the world movies. Not necessarily films...
By Peter Keough  |  May 18, 2011
Embracing the Yes at Emerson with Precious director Lee Daniels

Embracing the Yes at Emerson with Precious director Lee Daniels

Oscar-nominated director and all-around bad-ass Lee Daniels dropped by the newly opened Paramount Theatre this past Tuesday to talk to a group of Emerson students about...
By Alexandra Cavallo  |  February 27, 2010

Ask the Black woman: 'Good Hair' edition

Time to don the official robe and mantle of Black Representative, and answer a question of "blackness."
Diverse City
By SHAY STEWART-BOULEY  |  October 16, 2009

Sexual Politics

Duchovny, now 48 and with a nearly complete doctorate from Yale in English lit, says he is back in rehab for sex addiction.  
Everybody wants some, but women don’t call it an illness
By MARY ANN SORRENTINO  |  October 09, 2008


Things We Lost In the Fire

Too bad the bigger melodrama doesn’t equal its piquant parts.
Haunting agony and angst
By TOM MEEK  |  October 17, 2007

War zones

The party’s over. Time for the lessons to begin.
Fall films face terror at home and abroad
By PETER KEOUGH  |  September 12, 2007

Choke holds

That interesting man Chuck Barris has written another book.
Chuck Barris’s Big Question, Shear Genius, Ultimate Fighter, and more bull rides
By JAMES PARKER  |  April 23, 2007

Perfect Stranger

Hell, after Catwoman and now this, the Academy should demand that Berry return her Oscar.
Worse than a root canal
By BRETT MICHEL  |  April 10, 2007

Scarlett's web

  Photos: Hasty ladies plant piggie, Pudding Pot on 2007 Woman of the Year Scarlett Johansson
By CAITLIN CURRAN  |  February 15, 2007

Bodies: Caroline Baumal

By TAMARA WIEDER  |  January 16, 2007

Calm before the Storm

"I love tortured women," says Berry. "I love those strong women who have to overcome a lot and beat the odds."
Halle Berry's Last Stand
By GARY SUSMAN  |  May 26, 2006

Back from the dead?

First, a note to the fanboys: relax.
X-Men isn’t finished
By GARY SUSMAN  |  May 25, 2006

Bryan to Brett

“You can’t make everybody happy.”
X-Men changes directors
By GARY SUSMAN  |  May 23, 2006

Seasonal adjustment

After weeks of tormenting audiences with gems like Failure To Launch and The Shaggy Dog , Hollywood seems ready to shake off the Oscar doldrums and unveil its spring collection.
Hollywood springs back
By PETER KEOUGH  |  March 07, 2006