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One last waltz

Even under the most amicable of circumstances, breaking up is hard to do.
Goodbye Conversions; hello Hair Police
By SUSANNA BOLLE  |  July 30, 2008

Noise boys

For the better part of the past decade, Michigan’s Wolf Eyes have made some of the most feral, ear-stinging, metal-machine-gone-mad music this side of anywhere.
Wolf Eyes take their show on the road
By SUSANNA BOLLE  |  March 25, 2008

Noise patrol

Wednesday, the mighty Heathen Shame, one of Boston’s most ferocious bands, unleash their high-decibel mayhem at the Piano Factory in the South End.
Heathen Shame’s unrelenting onslaught
By SUSANNA BOLLE  |  March 10, 2008

Wolf Eyes

In 2004, these Michigan-based noise terrorists got as close to the indie-rock mainstream as any of their niche-market peers when Sub Pop unleashed Burned Mind , Wolf Eyes’ 869th release, on the unsuspecting ears of Iron and Wine fans throughout North Am
Human Animals | Sub
By MIKAEL WOOD  |  September 26, 2006