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Connecting the dots

Nearly a year has gone by in the city of eternal youth turnover and ageless scenesters — and has anything really changed?
In the local scene, anything goes
By MATT PARISH  |  June 05, 2010

Lights, camera, action rock!

Keep the Cristal on ice until further notice from Steve Aiello, lead singer/guitarist for Monty Are I, who just released their "official" major label debut, Break Through the Silence on Island/Def Jam.
Monty Are I — from Cranston to Island/Def Jam
By CHRIS CONTI  |  October 09, 2009

Bit players

What do you get when you cross NYU music-technology majors just out of their teens, vintage Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy gear, traditional rock-and-roll instruments, a mysterious, robot-building fellow named José with half a middle finger
Anamanaguchi are a shock to the systems
By MICHAEL ALAN GOLDBERG  |  June 05, 2009

The Big Hurt: Weezy unplugged

Our dream of a post-racial America moved one space closer to "king me" on the checkerboard of terrible metaphors this week
Plus Auerbach unbound and Glitter undeterred
By DAVID THORPE  |  November 24, 2008

What do you want to know?

Have you heard about ChaCha?  
Cha Cha
By DEIRDRE FULTON  |  October 22, 2008


I wonder whether Ozma didn’t title their new album after their suburban Los Angeles home base as a way of distinguishing themselves from Weezer.
Pasadena | About a Girl
By MIKAEL WOOD  |  June 19, 2007


City limits

The 8/4, 130 bpm assault of Baltimore club music has been alive and well since the early ’90s, but recently there have been signs that the local sound might be going national.
B-More Gutter music might be ready to leave town
By RICHARD BECK  |  March 19, 2007

Indie springs forward

For years we waited. And then we started making jokes about it. And then the jokes got old. So we waited some more. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, "Love Song No. 7" (mp3)
Clap your hands and say Axl
By MATT ASHARE  |  January 02, 2007

Beat happening

When you describe the actual gameplay of Elite Beat Agents , the new rhythm-based game for the Nintendo DS, it doesn’t sound like much.
Agents  is . . . GO!
By RYAN STEWART  |  November 28, 2006

See you in the pit . . .

For two consecutive nights last week, the bar at Avalon was stacked seven punks deep by swarms of screaming, spiked-out tykes and a few elder statesman, all of whom had come to see the only outfit that matters to them . . . Rancid.
Rancid’s reasons to believe
By IAN SANDS  |  August 29, 2006

An honest mistake

Yellowcard's enthusiasm is what the mundanity of their strongs struggles against. Slideshow: Yellowcard play Avalon, June 28, 2006
Yellowcard and Matchbook Romance at Axis
By AUDREY GRAYSON  |  June 29, 2006

Rhythm and snooze

  Donkey Konga 2 misses the beat
By  |  October 24, 2005