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And thus the 'Game of Thrones' continues

'Twas the thud heard round the world. In the penultimate episode of the first season of HBO's Game of Thrones , our hero Ned Stark (Sean Bean), after a brief, fraught tenure as the King's Hand, discovered the Lannisters' incestuous affair, was falsely
Calling Dr. Zaius!
By EUGENIA WILLIAMSON  |  March 30, 2012
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The Game of Thrones author visits his realm

The immense appeal of George R. R. Martin's storytelling relies, in part, on the innate thrill of the mechanics of power.
The madness for King George
By EUGENIA WILLIAMSON  |  July 22, 2011
HBO tv show Game of  Thrones review

HBO's Game of Thrones(1)

In spite of the obstacles to making Martin's story succeed as a TV show, someone at HBO must be a fan, because Game of Thrones — named after the first book in his series — makes its live-action television debut this Sunday, April 17.
It's a long story
By MADDY MYERS  |  April 15, 2011