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OTR:FlyingLotus:Until The Quiet Comes

Flying Lotus | Until The Quiet Comes

On Until the Quiet Comes , his reliably solid fourth studio album, Flying Lotus's Steven Ellison continues to bang out mind-bending electro-donut jams for folks who don't quite "get" electronic music.
Warp Records (2012)
By RYAN REED  |  October 05, 2012

[live review + phlipcam video] Flying Lotus @ Royale

I'm going to attempt to keep the hysterics in check. Forgive me if I fly off the cuff a little though. A couple weeks ago,...
By Michael C. Walsh  |  September 12, 2011
[ticket giveaway] Flying Lotus @ Royale 09.09.11

[ticket giveaway] Flying Lotus @ Royale 09.09.11

Last week we caught up with Steven Ellison, d/b/a FLYING LOTUS, for a fairly rare interview that looked inside the mind of one of the...
By Michael Marotta  |  September 07, 2011

Inside the experimental mind of Flying Lotus

"I have less time to make music than I wish I did," says Steven Ellison, "so when I work on stuff, I mean it, you know?" Ellison is Flying Lotus, a soft-spoken 27-year-old from Los Angeles with a pause in his speech, like he just figured out where anothe
Shifting Focus
By DAN WEISS  |  September 02, 2011
[live review] Movement Electronic Music Festival 2011

[live review] Movement Electronic Music Festival 2011

When visiting a new city for the first time, you're bound to encounter at least a few trials and tribulations along the way -- parking,...
By Michael C. Walsh  |  June 06, 2011

Top 10 records of 2010

2010 was full of riches: plenty of terrific albums came down the pike. There are more pop and rock discs I want to make note of, and maybe I'll do so next week if there's room after listing the year's Top 10 jazz titles.
From button-down brainiacs to primal chic
By JIM MACNIE  |  December 24, 2010


The 4 Best New Music Subgenres of 2010

Artists may not like to admit it, but genres are and always will be invaluable for discussing music.
Revisiting a year of tags, trends, and tribulations
By REYAN ALI  |  December 24, 2010

Flying Lotus | Cosmogramma

Only an experimental laptop artist whose music exists primarily for pensive white weedheads would purport his new album to be “basically the studies that map out the universe and the relations of heaven and hell.”
Warp (2010)
By CARRIE BATTAN  |  April 30, 2010