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Review: Chernobyl Diaries

More akin to a meander through a haunted house than a fulfilling feature film, the latest work from Paranormal Activity auteur Oren Peli (he produces, Bradley Parker directs) relies on his tried-and-true formula of favoring atmospheric terror over vis
Tried and true formula
By JAKE MULLIGAN  |  June 01, 2012

Review: Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition

You have to wonder why anybody bothers buying new games these days.
Fallout: New Vegas hits the jackpot
By MITCH KRPATA  |  February 03, 2012

Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage

How is it that Fallout 3, last year's most densely packed game, still left many players wanting more?
The first downloadable content for Fallout 3
By MITCH KRPATA  |  February 10, 2009