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FairPoint layoffs were always part of the plan

While FairPoint executives are saying that the 400 layoffs the company announced last week are related to "workload" and "competition," they're hoping everyone forgot that their business model — especially in northern New England — requires regular down
We Told You So Dept.
By JEFF INGLIS  |  September 16, 2011

Internet service falling into place

The details needed to understand where and how to best improve Maine's high-speed Internet connectivity are finally within reach.
Broadband update
By JEFF INGLIS  |  March 18, 2011

FairPoint's struggles continue

It has been a very long time since our last FairPoint update, but you can rest assured that the North Carolina-based landline provider's downward slide has continued, as the company attempts to restructure its way out of crushing debt through bankruptc
Corporate Albatross Dept.
By JEFF INGLIS  |  September 03, 2010

2009 had some redeeming qualities - really

Let's get serious: For many Portlanders, 2009 was a crap year.
Don’t look back in anger

Catching up with FairPoint’s decline

We've been telling you for ages how bad the FairPoint deal was for residents of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.
On the Ropes Dept.
By JEFF INGLIS  |  November 27, 2009

FairPoint files for bankruptcy protection

It's official - FairPoint has filed for bankruptcy protection. Here's the spin they're trying to put on it. Bottom line: Worse service, higher rates. FOR IMMEDIATE...
By Jeff Inglis  |  October 26, 2009

FairPoint will fail to meet agreements

I've written a fair amount about how bad the FairPoint deal would be was, and is. But I'll hand it to the Concord Monitor, who...
By Jeff Inglis  |  September 11, 2009

FairPoint watch

Businesses in downtown Portland are on the move. Retail-property rents are lower than they have been in years, and stores are making deals left and right, with more than a dozen changing location in the past couple months.
Making a quiet killing — of itself and Maine's economy
By JEFF INGLIS  |  July 03, 2009

Still no answer from FairPoint

In this week's Portland Phoenix, I wrote a piece about FairPoint and how bad its service is, as well...
By Jeff Inglis  |  July 02, 2009

FairPoint and New England 911 callers - three for three!

That's right, FairPoint problems were behind 911 call failures in Maine in April, May, and June and ...
By Jeff Inglis  |  September 03, 2008

FairPoint continues to screw up

At least it's in New Hampshire this time. Last month I explained why the FairPoint takeover is so te...
By Jeff Inglis  |  August 19, 2008

FairPoint rolls out old technology

Tens of thousands of FairPoint customers in Maine now have the option to become official second-cl...
By Jeff Inglis  |  July 11, 2008