Etgar Keret

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Review: $9.99

In this Israeli-Australian production, Sydney apartment dwellers culled from stories by Etgar Keret pursue (or avoid) various duties and desires, intersecting in elevator encounters.
Gives you your money's worth
By BETSY SHERMAN  |  June 26, 2009

Ends of the earth

Now in its 20th incarnation, the Boston Jewish Film Festival is almost the oldest three-ring circus of its kind (San Francisco’s annual program got there first by nine years), and in that span we’ve seen the elusive idea of “Jewish film” become an instit
The 20th Boston Jewish Film Festival reaches deep and far
By MICHAEL ATKINSON  |  November 04, 2008


The addition of this baby Botticelli will either charm or annoy you.
Israeli magic realism
By GERALD PEARY  |  May 07, 2008

Tales of the times

Here, listed alphabetically by author, are 10 of the best fiction and poetry books the Phoenix wrote about in 2006.
A year in fiction
By JON GARELICK  |  December 20, 2006

Dog licks man

Imagine my embarrassment. I’m on a crowded subway car reading Etgar Keret’s new collection of short stories. Finishing one story, I turn the page and there, in big block letters, is the next story’s title: “ACTUALLY, I’VE HAD SOME PHENOMENAL HARD-ONS LAT
Etgar Keret’s sane surrealism
By CHARLES TAYLOR  |  June 20, 2006