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DIY Drinking: House-made ingredients are raising the bar

"When I moved to Boston," UpStairs on the Square bar manager Augusto Lino explains, "it was uncommon for bars to have anything house-made beyond a large container of vodka filled with pineapple on the back bar."

By CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  March 15, 2013

What will 2013 mean for the food scene?

"I think that grains other than corn and wheat are going to be common."
The Food Forecast:
By CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  December 21, 2012

A beginner’s guide to the city’s best heat-beating drinks

There are only two things that make us feel better when our legs stick to the seats on the T, or when a five-minute walk down the street leaves us drenched with sweat in the most embarrassing places.
Summer cocktails
By CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  June 08, 2012
tales of cocktails 3

Boston bartenders bust up the Big Easy

There was a wedding, a funeral (for the Long Island Iced Tea), fried alligator, mechanical bulls, and Ron Jeremy on harmonica. Boston bartenders, who were there in full force, can attest to all of it.
Strange tales
By LIZA WEISSTUCH  |  August 26, 2011
TOTC list

Bar Room Blitz

"TOTC" stands for Tales of the Cocktail, an annual drinks conference held each July in New Orleans.
Drink up
By LIZA WEISSTUCH  |  July 29, 2011
Mass appeal: A boozy quest to define our turf's terroir

Mass appeal: A boozy quest to define our turf's terroir

Photo: JANICE CHECCHIO The word "terroir" always transports me back to the place where I first heard it, which, unsurprisingly, was a winery in France....
By Aaron Kagan  |  July 11, 2011

A Note On Drinking, Patio-Style, Near Fenway

Baseball Tavern vs. Eastern Standard Before any of you Sox diehards torch a Phoenix street box for...  Originally posted on Chris Faraone's book, "How I...
By Chris Faraone  |  June 10, 2011

Empirical Formulas: Top Boston bartenders create cocktails straight out of Boardwalk Empire

Consider if you will the top-notch television dramas that have become part of the pop-culture landscape over the past few years - Mad Men, Big...
By Stuff Boston  |  January 24, 2011
Arrack attack

Arrack attack

Photo: JOEL VEAK Like anything else that people get really, really into - Internet porn, for example - once you've started chasing the infinite possibilities...
By Luke ONeil  |  November 29, 2010
The Tenth Player Award

The Tenth Player Award

Photo: MICHAEL DISKIN If Kenmore Square's huge, good-looking brasserie, Eastern Standard (528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, 617.532.9100), did nothing more than provide a home for bar...
By Stuff Boston  |  October 04, 2010
Original Gin

Original Gin

Photo: JOEL VEAK By now, we're all familiar with the arguments for eating locally. The same logic that's gotten us munching on farmers' market fare...
By Luke ONeil  |  October 04, 2010


You can sleep when you're dead: A guide to late-night Boston

To mingle over a grilled cheese at 3 am. To debauch at dusk-till-dawn discothèques. To cram chicken shawarma in your face at 2 am, your ears a-ringing from the show just over at T.T.'s.
Think Boston shuts down at midnight? Here's how to stuff your face, roll gutter balls, binge on cult cinema, and dance your ass off all the way to sunup.
By NINA MACLAUGHLIN  |  September 03, 2010

Drinking stories

Twenty-five thousand members of the Lutheran Youth Congress are leaving New Orleans. Replacing them are another kind of faithful, equally dedicated in their way to their calling: 15,000 eager bartenders.
How Boston's best barkeeps survived five days of around-the-clock cocktails
By LIZA WEISSTUCH  |  August 13, 2010

HOT COMEBACK: 1970s Cuisine

Is your 'do feathered? Are you sporting a leisure suit? If not, then relax: you didn't just enter a time warp. That pleasant sense of...
By Stuff Boston  |  July 26, 2010
HOT 'HOOD: Kenmore Square/Fenway

HOT 'HOOD: Kenmore Square/Fenway

Gone are the days when the hottest thing about the Kenmore Square/Fenway area was the Sausage King's greasy brats (but seriously, we love you, King...
By Stuff Boston  |  July 26, 2010
Roasted and Toasted

Roasted and Toasted

Coffee and alcohol - two of life's most pleasurable vices. Electric on their own, but combined? Then you have a perfect marriage of hairy-chested caffeine...
By Sara Faith Alterman  |  January 25, 2010

HOT SCENE: industry nights

Clearly we’re in the wrong industry — these days, chefs seem to be having more fun than the rest of us. And you don’t have...
By Stuff Boston  |  July 27, 2009
Bar stars

Bar stars

Love ’em or loathe ’em, celebrities are easy targets, but they’re also a go-to source of inspiration when naming sandwiches or hairstyles or shades of lipstick. Or, of course, cocktails. Why a mixture of Maker’s Mark, peach liquor, peach nectar, and water constitutes the Matthew McConaughey ($10.50) at The Beehive (541 Tremont Street, Boston, 617.423.0069) or why the A-Roid ($11) at Bonfire (50 Park Plaza, Boston, 617.262.3473) depicts Alex Rodriguez’s drug habits with tequila and house-made spicy tomato juice (served up in a syringe, natch) isn’t important. Cultivate celebrity in a glass, make it taste good, and the giddy kitsch fiends will down this essence of notoriety by the martini glassful.

However, if you’re going to “honor” famous people with a beverage, why hold back? Botoxed b
By Sara Faith Alterman  |  April 20, 2009

A marriage of equals

A marriage of equals



I was curious when I learned that Jeremy Sewall, chef-owner of Lineage in Brookline, was going to be running the kitchen at Eastern Standard. Was there a message here? Another bistro casualty? Trouble in the kitchen at Eastern Standard? Thankfully, the answer was none of the above. Two success stories added together equals one big win.

Almost since the day it opened, Eastern Standard has been packing them in at the bar and on the patio, with parties queuing up for those burgundy booths both before and after the game. In only four years, Eastern Standard has established its niche as a scene, a breakthrough bar, and a damned good place to eat. “Comfortable food with polish” is how proprietor Garrett Harker describes it. But Harker, a hospitality perfectionist, wants more. “Restaurants are all about balance. We could just ride the
By Louisa Kasdon  |  April 03, 2009

Punch it up

Punch it up

Even crackerjack coquettes can use a little help chatting up a paramour every once in a while. Flirting is always easier when there’s liquid courage involved, and perhaps even more so when you’re ladling it à deux. Punch bowls appeal to multiple sensibilities: there are the classic, cut-glass nebulae of 1950s house parties; your grandmother’s favorite for fancying up the holiday kids’ table; or those vats of mystery bug juice at camp — later, at frat parties. Sharing a punch bowl at a smokin’-hot nightspot is an easy way to toast your friends, and make a few more in the process.

By Sara Faith Alterman  |  February 09, 2009
Setting a Standard

Setting a Standard


As a full-time server at Eastern Standard, Courtney Metsch spends most of her time helping others enjoy their nights off. The music and fashion buff is sometimes on her feet for up to 12 hours, and she gets precious little time to sit down and relax. But when she does, the Davis Square resident stays close to home, finding her way to some neighborhood haunts.

By Erin Byers Murray  |  January 12, 2009


On the 10th drink of Christmas

Seen through the right lens, Christmas looks like a season of devilish malevolence — a time of gloomy cold, bad movies, gift anxiety and consumer hoards, inane music repeated indefinitely, and family, hour after hour, day after chatty day.
Navigating the holidays with seasonal stagger
By JAYSON O’BRYAN  |  December 08, 2008


A food writer’s favorite culinary indulgences??

?If ever there was a time of year to be a little indulgent, it’s December. After all, isn’t it payback for having to slog through 31 short, dark, chilly days? In that spirit, I’ve put together my personal top 10 of micro, mini, and maxi indulgences for the month. The key to making the most out of these small pleasures is conscious ceremony. You don’t just eat the great, juicy cheeseburger on the run, or slice off cold chunks of artisanal cheese before it comes to room temperature runny-ness. You construct the ambience carefully, hold the bite in your mouth, marvel over it, rhapsodically describe it, and thus transform a small moment of sensual pleasure into a big helping of self-love.?

By Louisa Kasdon  |  November 29, 2008
Shore Gregory@night

Shore Gregory@night

World's an oyster When the guys from Island Creek Oysters show up at restaurants around town, they’re given the royal treatment. Their oysters are, after...
By Erin Byers Murray  |  October 03, 2008
Hot and heading for the mainstream: Fernet Branca

Hot and heading for the mainstream: Fernet Branca

  Okay, so there was that one incident involving too many shots, a nauseous sprint to the porch railing, and the next-door neighbor’s car. And,...
By webteam  |  July 21, 2008

Hot Sip: Rosé wine

A rosé by any other name is just a lighter red. And we’re not talking about the too-sweet-$6-a-bottle white zinfandel of our underage days, but...
By webteam  |  July 21, 2008

Hot bowl: Punch

We have this very vivid memory of a fast-moving girl in a training bra trying to spike the punch at our 13th birthday party. Needless...
By webteam  |  July 21, 2008

Hot meat: Off-cuts of lamb

We spend so much time in the summer trying to hide belly fat, and now restaurants are putting it right in the middle of our...
By webteam  |  July 21, 2008
Kristi McNeil @ Night

Kristi McNeil @ Night

Late againShe spent three years tending and managing the bar and the past year as general manager at Noir at the Charles Hotel, so Kristi McNeil...
By Erin Byers Murray  |  July 11, 2008
Drink easy

Drink easy

We thought the punch and other fruity mixers of our college days were inventive. But apparently we had nothing on the speakeasies of the Roaring...
By webteam  |  July 10, 2008