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How the West was won

Here’s how to familiarize yourself with the evolution of subterranean Los Angeles hip-hop.
New book and documentary shine light on LA underground
By CHRIS FARAONE  |  April 24, 2009

Year in Art: Beyond the gloom

The Boston art scene felt muted for much of 2008, with 10 galleries closing and the death of two local icons: Harriet Casdin-Silver and Jules Aarons.
Continuing cheer in dark times
By GREG COOK  |  December 22, 2008

Medicine men

What if a poem had the power to heal loneliness?
Two Boston poets use their art for the good of the tribe
By BY JAMES PARKER  |  November 25, 2008

Big in every way

Men in inky darkness. Men without women (save for the Blessed Virgin). Men in splendor, men in ecstasy, men without smiles. Men as saints but not as sinners.
‘El Greco to Velázquez’ at the MFA
By JEFFREY GANTZ  |  April 15, 2008

Good eatin’

In 2005, author Barbara Kingsolver moved her family from Tucson to a farm in Virginia to embark on a year-long experiment of returning to nature.
Barbara Kingsolver grows her own
By DEIRDRE FULTON  |  June 27, 2007

Pelosi’s press secretary boasts a RI link

When Erica Sagrans took a job on the staff of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, her move to the nation’s capital was noted in the Providence Journal’s Political Scene column and elsewhere.
DC Connection
By IAN DONNIS  |  April 25, 2007


The brain-addling effects of sex on judges

The more serious the crime, it seems, the less a suspect is entitled to fair treatment.
Freedom watch

Nothing's shocking

There must be some kind of secret scavenger hunt going on among pro athletes that requires participants to attach their names to Tasers or stun guns in the headlines of USA Today .
Sports blotter: "Set tasers to 'stun' " edition
By MATT TAIBBI  |  August 08, 2006

The guns of Boston

More people were murdered in Boston over the past two months than in any May-to-June stretch since 1990.
Why this could be the most bullet-riddled summer in 15 years
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  July 06, 2006

Blue (-Eyed) Devils?

Once the sensational Duke University rape case — with its irresistible brew of race, class, and sex — triggered the predictable media circus, an equally predictable chorus of earnest-sounding criticism began to roll in.
The perfect storm of race, class, and sex makes the alleged Duke rape tale perfect fodder for the ‘justice’-obsessed media  
By MARK JURKOWITZ  |  April 26, 2006