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The Station’s long shadow

For most Rhode Islanders, the Station nightclub conflagration — the worst disaster in the state since the hurricane of 1938 — is like a receding object in a rearview mirror.
Five years on, getting by remains a day-to-day challenge for some of those touched by the fire
By IAN DONNIS  |  February 20, 2008

A long shadow

The passing time is pulling us further and further away from the Station fire.
On the anniversary of the Station fire    
By BOB GULLA  |  February 20, 2008

Metal: A Headbanger's Journey

Sam Dunn — first-time filmmaker, lifelong headbanger, sociologist, Canadian — opens his documentary with a silly question: why isn’t heavy metal taken seriously?
Infomercial for metal that's less informative than MTV
By CARLY CARIOLI  |  May 10, 2006