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Salem | King Night

In the beginning, there was Screw: the DJ from Houston whose slow and stuttering technique spawned a new musical subgenre.
By ANDREW GRAHAM  |  October 22, 2010


Underground Kingz is not quite an instant classic, but it would be hard to deny that UGK have reclaimed their throne.
Underground Kingz | Jive
By MATTHEW GASTEIER  |  September 18, 2007

Bay Area beats

Although Oakland’s hyphy movement got its name from a bastardization of the word “hyper,” at this point that could just as easily stand for “hype.”
Is hyphy hip-hop’s next big thing?
By MATTHEW GASTEIER  |  February 19, 2007

Screwed and chopped

There are few innovations that have had as big an impact on hip-hop as “screwed and chopped,” a radical mixing technique born of Houston’s 5th Ward projects. Stewart Walker live at the Harry Klein Club in Munich (mp3)
DJ Screw the movie and Stewart Walker the DJ
By DAVID DAY  |  January 17, 2007