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The death of Aaron Swartz

This is the country we live in: not a single Wall Street executive has been indicted for crashing the world economy and gaming the financial system out of multi-billions in order to rip off an entire generation of hard-working Americans.

By EDITORIAL  |  January 25, 2013

At RISD: Art, science, and what's wrong with ATMs

Among the most prominent solutions offered up for our present economic malaise and the broader decline of the republic: a robust investment in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education.
By DAVID SCHARFENBERG  |  January 21, 2011

Barbie Gets Geekier: Computer Science + Cyberpunk

Mattel's plastic princess has quite the well-rounded resume: Barbie has piloted a plane, run for President, and explored Space. In 2010, she'll try her hand...
By Maddy Myers  |  February 16, 2010