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Your tax dollars at work(1)

The standout piece in the "2010 RISCA Fellowship Exhibition" is Alison Owen's hand-drawn wallpaper installation.
Imago hosts the ‘2010 RISCA Fellowship Exhibit’
By GREG COOK  |  February 12, 2010

Magpie and copyist

If you were going to recount the evolution of hippie guy fashion, you might say that what began with psychedelic ruffled shirts and corduroy pants in 1968 has in late middle age split into two streams: collarless white button-down shirts, usually buttone
Iris Apfel at PEM, Mary McFadden at MassArt
By GREG COOK  |  November 27, 2009

Victorian jewel

What price beauty? That's the question lovely Grace Hammer has to answer as her world begins to fall apart.
A fictional setting that never fades
By CLEA SIMON  |  September 11, 2009

Tiga | Ciao!

This Montreal-based electro-house dude made his name with slyly straight-faced covers of Nelly's "Hot in Herre" and Corey Hart's "Sunglasses at Night," and on his second studio disc, he doesn't appear hugely concerned that his original material should s
Last Gang (2009)
By MIKAEL WOOD  |  June 19, 2009

Max Ophüls at the Harvard Film Archive

Max at the Harvard Film Archive
Plaisir d’Ophüls
By STEVE VINEBERG  |  January 20, 2009

Aspiring fornicator

I have spent my entire life in the evangelical culture, so I have no idea how to function in the real world.
Dr. Lovemonkey
By DR. LOVEMONKEY  |  July 23, 2008


Flora, fauna, and the female figure

The Art Nouveau movement of the late-19th/early-20th century distanced itself from the mass production of the Industrial Revolution with elaborate, one-of-a-kind works made from unusual materials.
Art Nouveau Jewelry at the MFA, ‘Players’ on MIT’s Media Test Wall, and ‘Nascent’ at NESAD
By RANDI HOPKINS  |  July 15, 2008

Mixed mediums

A current running under “Jackals and Jerks,” a group show at Stairwell Gallery, is the thrills and worries of today’s technological, synthetic, bioengineered SimCity world.
‘Jackals and Jerks,’ ‘Domain Error,’ and ‘Protest’
By GREG COOK  |  June 24, 2008

Man of the Century

Bo Diddley, a particular favorite of Lupo, was the first “name” performer to play the club.
The late, great Bo Diddley helped put Lupo’s on the map
By PHILLIPE + JORGE  |  June 04, 2008

The Big Hurt: Here come the summer fests

Look alive, alt-metal fans. Time to polish the wallet chain, spray some Febreze on the ol’ cargo shorts, and dye your goatee purple for maximum extremeness: festival season is nearly upon us!
‘Excellent entertainment-value propositions’ for all!
By DAVID THORPE  |  May 06, 2008

DJ Drama

The West Coast is conspicuously under-represented.
Gangsta Grillz: The Album | Atlantic
By ANDREW GRAHAM  |  December 26, 2007


The princess bride

When it comes to weddings, at this point in my life, I have no idea what I should want.
Disney weds girlish fantasy with adult desire for, er, girlish fantasy
By SHARON STEEL  |  December 12, 2007

Faux and Fabulous

Lane seems forever a child of the ’60s: psychedelia, India, and all that.
Kenneth Jay Lane’s classy costume jewelry at the RISD Museum
By GREG COOK  |  October 30, 2007

Show fetish

Ever since Salvatore Ferragamo designed the first stiletto heel in 1955, podiatrists have faced a steady stream of female patients seeking physical relief from their devotion to fashion over function.
The MFA’s new ‘Walk This Way’ exhibit traces the history of footwear fashion, from sandals to stilettos
By SHARON STEEL  |  September 26, 2007

Bust Stop

This article originally appeared in the July 27, 1982 issue of the Boston Phoenix.
Leaves from a crimestopper's notebook
By RENEE LOTH  |  July 23, 2007

How to be a Brit

This article originally appeared in the June 19, 1987 issue of the Boston Phoenix .
(Or just look like one)
By MIMI COUCHER  |  June 21, 2007

June 12, 2007

By SYMBOLINE DAI  |  June 06, 2007

Pimping ain't easy

The funniest thing, of course, is that, in college, he played for a team called the Beavers .
Sports blotter: "Hard out there for a pimp" edition
By MATT TAIBBI  |  May 16, 2007

Dancing queen

Cowboy says I can’t dance.
Bramhall Square
By CAITLIN SHETTERLY  |  April 11, 2007

Here’s to you

“Hey there, Mr. Jason Simon. My name is Melanie Fiander, and this is my film.”
Melanie Fiander’s “One Minute Introduction”
By CHRIS THOMPSON  |  March 28, 2007

Top 10 Hyphy Videos of all time

With Warner Bros. snapping up  the cream of the Yay Area rap scene , TVT capitalizing on  Hyphy Hitz , and even indie-rock geeks learning how  to  ghost ride the whip , we figured it's high time to take a quick look back at how we got here. So get yo
Ghost riding 'til we die
By CARLY CARIOLI  |  February 15, 2007


Phoenix reaps NEPA glory

The Phoenix newspapers and were major winners in this year’s New England Press Association (NEPA) Better Newspaper Competition.
It's all about us
By CLIF GARBODEN  |  February 14, 2007

Grace notes

Among the shows that open each season, a few stand out like a pair of stiletto heels spotted in a swarm of rubber-soled footwear.
Sacred Hearts , States of Grace
By LIZA WEISSTUCH  |  January 30, 2007

January 25, 2007

First-quarter moon in Taurus. VOC 4:50 to 8:28 am. I've said it before, I'll say it again: shopping when the moon is in Taurus is an excellent idea, particularly if you're looking for turtlenecks (well, it's been cold sometimes ), scarfs, mufflers, neck
By SYMBOLINE DAI  |  January 24, 2007

Goodbye to Gallery Agniel/Martina & Co.

In the fall of 2004, gallerist Sara Agniel and jewelry designer Martina Windels joined forces, moving Gallery Agniel into Martina & Company’s storefront at 120 North Main St. in Providence.
City watch
By GREG COOK  |  January 10, 2007

The new U

Slowly, imperceptibly, the cumulative arrest record of current and former Ohio State University Buckeye football players is approaching the status of great football crime families, nearing the Olympus where live giants like Miami and Florida State.
Sports blotter: Buckeye edition
By MATT TAIBBI  |  November 01, 2006


Tag your feet

The owners of Cream, the new sneaker boutique on Market Street that’s become a hang-out for area hip hoppers, recently enlisted local graffiti artist Rich to custom-decorate their limited-edition shoes.
By SARA DONNELLY  |  September 13, 2006

Well dressed

It could be as simple as a power tie or stiletto heels, but what people wear conveys the first impression we get, subliminally or blatantly, about the kind of person they are.
Costume is character for David T. Howard
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  September 05, 2006

Looking for a love

Your eyes met across the (bar/theater/bath house).
An imagined guide to hookups and taped-together missed conversations  
By JESSICA GROSE  |  August 30, 2006

All that glitters is not ethical gold

Consider this when you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring: producing an average gold band generates about 20 tons of cyanide-infused waste.
Hidden costs  
By ANDREW FOX  |  August 09, 2006