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Holiday Gifts for People We Hate

The North Pole has become the most depressing and perverted hole on Earth.
When a lump of coal just won't do
By SANTA AND MRS. CLAUS  |  December 10, 2010

The Doors | Live in New York

In 1970, Doors producer Paul Rothchild assembled a tight “live set” out of a bunch of different concert recordings from the band’s 1969/early-1970 shows and Elektra released it as the Absolutely Live LP.
Rhino (2009)
By GUSTAVO TURNER  |  December 11, 2009

Enrich thy neighbor, Portland

Back in the temperate zone, the local and national economies are in the crapper.
'Buy local' and take care of business
By JULIA RAPPAPORT  |  December 10, 2008

Stuff your stockings

For Christmas last year, my shop-local plan had me assembling gift baskets brimming with foods for several families on my list.
Maine-made treats for the holidays
By TODD RICHARD  |  December 10, 2008

Wrap it up

I'm way ahead on my shopping this season (it's easier because the family has finally come to its senses and agreed to a strict one-gift-per-person rule).
Local music for the hard-to-please
By SAM PFEIFLE  |  December 10, 2008

The holly and the miser

Let the current financial tsunami be a lesson to you, arrogant plebeian consumer: greed cometh before a fall.
You're suddenly poor; suck it up and be cheap
By KARA BASKIN  |  December 08, 2008