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Interview: Carl Hiaasen

 rounds up the usual suspects
Rounding up the usual suspects
By JIM SULLIVAN  |  July 23, 2010

More the mystery

What’s the big deal about Kate Atkinson? If you read the rapturous reviews of her previous novel, Case Histories , you’d conclude she had written an engrossing mystery that was, you know, more than just a mystery.
Kate Atkinson’s fear of genre
By CHARLES TAYLOR  |  December 05, 2006

Lions and lambs

The season is notable for the return to bookstores of canonical names like Atwood, Ginsberg, Kinnell, le Carré, Munro, Pynchon, and Vidal plus a fair share of younger lions like Eggers, Julavits, and Muldoon.
Pynchon isn’t all you’ll be reading this fall  
By JOHN FREEMAN  |  September 13, 2006


The whole fam-dambly should be able to get into this punchy, faithful adaptation of Carl Hiaasen’s award-winning eco caper for young adults.
Strong showing from rising adaptation stars
By CHRIS WANGLER  |  May 03, 2006