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Animal Magnetism: Lauren Slater's collection of essays about ''non-human citizens''

Musashi and Lila, the title pooch of Lauren Slater's The $60,000 Dog: My Life with Animals (Beacon Press), have crossed the rainbow bridge.

By CLEA SIMON  |  November 23, 2012

Perelman in print: The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook  has arrived just in time for you to tackle some bold new dishes for Thanksgiving.

By LISA WEIDENFELD  |  November 16, 2012

Authors strut their stuff

Literary gossip columnists, political poets, cranky lefties, and singing novelists are just some of the characters traipsing through Boston this spring to promote their new books.
Live and in person
By EUGENIA WILLIAMSON  |  March 02, 2012
Preview: Books winter 2012

Authors tote their wares to area bookstores

A new story collection from Dan Chaon and new novels from Heidi Julavits and Adam Johnson are just some of the delights in store for Boston lit nerds.
Road shows
By EUGENIA WILLIAMSON  |  December 30, 2011

Susan Orlean gets the dirt on Rin Tin Tin

New Yorker staff writer Susan Orlean has been busy talking up her latest book, Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend (Simon & Schuster), a biography of the most popular animal actor in history, and his impact on American culture.
By JOHN J. KELLY  |  December 02, 2011
PODCAST: John Hodgman at the Coolidge Corner Theatre

PODCAST: John Hodgman at the Coolidge Corner Theatre

  Last week, the inimitable John Hodgman (above, backstage) appeared at the Coolidge Corner Theatre to talk about his new book. (You can read my...
By Eugenia Williamson  |  November 23, 2011

Book It: Three Questions with Steve Almond

Book It: Three Questions with Steve Almond

 Tomorrow night, Steve Almond visits the Brookline Booksmith to read from his new book of short stories, God Bless America. (You can read Steve's interview...
By Eugenia Williamson  |  October 18, 2011
PODCAST: Rob Sheffield on heroes and Hoodsie cups [MP3]

PODCAST: Rob Sheffield on heroes and Hoodsie cups [MP3]

August means two things:  it's ice cream weather, and Morrissey's just said something stupid.Okay, the latter isn't really dependent on the time of year, but...
By Katie Lannan  |  August 29, 2011

The Week in Geek, August 22-28: Needs Moar Puppets

Can you smell it, Bostonians? Can you smell it in the air? That, my friends, is the scent of the end of summer. Soon, the...
By Kelly Dickinson  |  August 22, 2011

The Week in Geek, August 15-23: Bad Daddies, Giant Killers, and Sparklepires

Unlike the green line blowing right by your stop while you wait in the rain, the handbasket we're in ain't exactly going express to hell....
By David Eisenberg  |  August 15, 2011

The Shark Week in Geek, August 1-7: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's finally here. People count down to this for months. As soon as the weather starts to change, it's fresh in everyone's minds -- the...
By Kelly Dickinson  |  August 01, 2011

This Week in Geek, July 11-17: Sand sculptures, Slurpee’s, and tons of free stuff!

Some of the best things in life are free, and I don't mean the taste of new toothpaste or laughing with friends. Sure, those are...
By Wei-Huan Chen  |  July 11, 2011

This Week in Geek July 5-10: Get Your Con On

Post-holiday-weekend lag got you down? Did last weekend's boozing, barbecuing and fireworking set your expectations so high such that the prospect of a return the...
By Kelly Dickinson  |  July 06, 2011

The Week in Geek, June 27-July 3: School’s out, but we’ve still got class

We have finally reached that point in the summer where all the local schools are out. Swarms of children roam free; already, their vacation-slackened brains...
By Kelly Dickinson  |  June 27, 2011

The Week in Geek, June 21-26: Celluloid Supernova

Unmitigated crapfest that was Green Lantern got you down? Worry not, because we've got plenty to tide you over until Cars 2. That includes fantasy...
By Kelly Dickinson  |  June 20, 2011
In the triumphant 6/17 issue: Best Music Poll victors, Oxy Morons, and Teflon Deval on a winning streak

In the triumphant 6/17 issue: Best Music Poll victors, Oxy Morons, and Teflon Deval on a winning streak

It's been one hell of week for Boston -- a Stanley cup victory, a parade that drew over a million people. So, too, has it...
By Kevin Sviokla  |  June 20, 2011

We Like Bikes - a lot.

We Like Bikes

I Love My Bike, a book of street photography by Matthew Finkle, with text by Brittain Sullivan, has captured the imaginations of people in far-flung lands.
There has never been a better time or place to be a cyclist
By EUGENIA WILLIAMSON  |  June 17, 2011

The Week In Geek, June 13-20: All Over the Place, Just Like the Doppler

So since the weather looks absolutely atrocious today through Wednesday and completely uncertain thereafter, Laser Orgy has provided you with a variety of indoor-outdoor events....
By Kelly Dickinson  |  June 13, 2011

This Week in Geek June 6-12: Featuring a Number of Pleasant Opportunities to Dress Up in Ridiculous Costumes

If you found last week's events too high-minded and cultural, then do we have news for you! This week's, we give you a multitude of...
By Kelly Dickinson  |  June 06, 2011

This Week in Geek June 1-June 6: Celebrating Mars, the Arts, and Mobile Grilled Cheese

 Welcome to June! It's Potty Training Awareness Month, National Turkey Lovers' Month, and National Bathroom Reading Month. This first week of June celebrates none of...
By Kelly Dickinson  |  June 01, 2011

The Week in Geek, May 23-29: Art, Authors, Alice and the Undead

This Saturday the 28th there was supposed to be a Zombie March around Downtown Boston. But with the Facebook event for the march deleted and...
By Kelly Dickinson  |  May 23, 2011

The Week in Geek, May 2-9: Finish finals fast, or: a week without college students anywhere in sight

Happpy Star Wars Day!Trust a college town like Boston to dial back the geekiness during finals week. Let's all pour some beer out for our...
By Alec Ernest  |  May 02, 2011

Cleveland Confidential: Three proto/punk rock greats in Brookline tonight

You should come over to Brookline Booksmith tonight at 7, where I'm fucking stoked (um, and maybe a tad frightened?) to be moderating the "Cleveland...
By Carly Carioli  |  April 08, 2011

The Week in Geek April 4-11: Laugh while you can, monkey boy

And now, for some nerd-inspired slam poetry:This is for the nerds who want to get involved with humanoid robots but never had a chance to...
By Alec Ernest  |  April 04, 2011

Authors talking: Spring readings in Boston

America’s best young novelist, Britain’s most popular mystery writer, a bearded indie rocker, and a dead master populate this spring’s mandatory literary events.
By ear
By EUGENIA WILLIAMSON  |  March 18, 2011

Strange world

Bob Pfeifer's debut novel, University of Strangers (published by Power City Press, the print arm of the punk label Smog Veil Records), is a fictionalized retelling of a sensational, true-life murder case, as related in the voices of real people.
In his stream-of-consciousness thriller University Of Strangers , former punk rocker, label head, and convict Bob Pfeifer turns real life into something really weird
By BOB PFEIFER  |  February 18, 2011

The Week in Geek! 2.14.11 - 2.18.11

The Week in Geek! 2.14.11 - 2.18.11

 The Week in Geek 02.14 - 02.18: [Valentine's Day week if you haven't been outside in like 1500 years]Hark ye geeks, and discover Laser Orgy's...
By Alec Ernest  |  February 14, 2011

Talking cures

Letting go is never easy. No matter what our reasons, every move we make away from someone we once loved involves regret. In a normal life, this can be bittersweet, tinged with melancholy and the sweetness of memory. In the aftermath of brutal civil war
Aminatta Forna's memories of war
By CLEA SIMON  |  January 21, 2011

13 must-attend readings of winter 2011

Winter is dreadful. Books are the opposite. We offer you the following author events as antidotes to sedentary overeating and bad television.
Writers fight the good fight at local book events
By EUGENIA WILLIAMSON  |  December 31, 2010

Why Bookstores?

Boston is pocked by vacant storefronts. Businesses don't sell in this economy; they just disappear. But there is one exception: of all things, bookstores are selling like proverbial hotcakes.
As the recession claims more and more big chain stores, independent booksellers become hot commodities
By EUGENIA WILLIAMSON  |  November 26, 2010