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Throwing strikes

For us New Englanders, Chuck Knoblauch was always kind of tough to take.
Chuck Knoblauch chokes in the clutch. Plus, the SUNY-Binghamton story gets worse.
By MATT TAIBBI  |  October 09, 2009

Wild, Wild West

Former Celtic Delonte West has long been known as a clutch shooter, but he's apparently taking that reputation a little too literally.
Delonte West tries out for the Washington Bullets. Plus, SUNY-Binghamton is at it again.
By MATT TAIBBI  |  October 02, 2009

Play by Play: August 28, 2009

Boston's weekly theater schedule
Plays from A to Z
By JEFFREY GANTZ  |  August 28, 2009

Photos: Demi Lovato at Agganis Arena

Demi Lovato and KSM, live at Agganis Arena, June 26, 2009
Demi Lovato and KSM, live at Agganis Arena, June 26, 2009
By LUCY SHERMAN  |  July 10, 2009

Slideshow: Kings of Leon at Agganis Arena

Kings of Leon, live at Agganis Arena
Kings of Leon live at Agganis Arena, April 18, 2009
By CARINA MASTROCOLA  |  April 24, 2009

Portland scene report: October 10, 2008

Now everyone’s interested in the guy who played with Swell Season.  
Sibilance starts now


Going on sale: March 28, 2008

Alicia Keys, Joe Lally, Ryan Adams, and more.

Breaking news from the concert ticket trade

By GOING ON SALE  |  March 25, 2008

Live and kicking

Yes, we suffer from an embarrassment of riches when it come to live music here in the Boston area.
Live reviews: 2007 in review
By BOSTON PHOENIX MUSIC STAFF  |  December 17, 2007

Going on sale: July 20, 2007

Tesla, Nick Lowe, Spoon, and more.
Breaking news from the concert ticket trade
By GOING ON SALE  |  July 16, 2007

I'm like a bore

The Nelly Furtado concert was off to a fine, Lite-Brite sort of start.
Nelly Furtado, Agganis Arena, June 5, 2007
By ELLEE DEAN  |  June 06, 2007

Going on sale: May 11, 2007

White Stripes, Kelly Clarkson, Lightning Bolt, and more.
Breaking news from the concert ticket trade
By GOING ON SALE  |  May 08, 2007


Too many shows

If this winter’s concert scene were a crazy tag-team wrestling match, rock would be the ass-kicking king of the ring.
A hot winter concert season
By TED DROZDOWSKI  |  December 28, 2006

Streisand vs. Maiden

This month, I was able to catch the Boston stops on the tours of two legendary acts, known to their fans as single-word entities: Maiden and Barbra.
Live, to the death
By SEAN BARTLETT  |  November 16, 2006

Going on sale: November 16, 2006

Acid Mothers Temple, Men, Women and Children, and more.
Dir En Grey, Snow Patrol, Godsmack  
By GOING ON SALE  |  November 13, 2006

Going on sale: September 14, 2006

Death Cab for Cutie, Paul Simon, Panic! At the Disco, Kid Koala, Bob Dylan, Los Lonely Boys, and more.
Breaking news from the concert-ticket trade
By GOING ON SALE  |  September 12, 2006

Going on sale: August 8, 2006

Iron Maiden, Ani DiFranco, Atreyu, Bouncing Souls, Dead Kennedys, Pet Shop Boys, James Blunt, Justin Timberlake, and more.
Breaking news from the concert ticket trade
By GOING ON SALE  |  August 08, 2006


Les Moonves Leads Commencement Charge

Talk about poor alumni relations.
BU to Howard Stern: Drop Dead
By DEIRDRE FULTON  |  May 03, 2006

Death Cab for Cutie and Franz Ferdinand

Refugees from the heady indie explosion of 2003, Franz and Death Cab are currently sharing space on a concert poster featuring an emo-like Band-Aid heart and a MySpace logo.
Nothing in common
By CARLY CARIOLI  |  April 15, 2006

Terrier technology

Duke wasn’t first.
Hockey pod
By DEIRDRE FULTON  |  March 22, 2006

Spring break

Spring rules
The best of what's to come in March, April & May
By WILL SPITZ  |  March 09, 2006

BU’s icewomen cometh

When Brian Durocher signed on to become head coach of BU’s first-ever varsity women’s ice-hockey team, he already understood that it wasn’t quite the same sport as the men’s version.
Go varsity!
By DEIRDRE FULTON  |  March 02, 2006


Going on sale, March 3, 2006

The Strokes, Avenged Sevenfold, Pinback and more
Breaking news from the concert ticket trade
By WILL SPITZ  |  March 01, 2006

Going on sale: February 10

Franz Ferdinand & Death Cab, Thursday, Alkaline Trio, Neko Case, and more.
  Breaking news in the concert-ticket trade
By WILL SPITZ  |  February 09, 2006