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Brave new Globe?

Sizing up the Boston Globe 's recent past is easy: simply put, in the past 12 months, the paper has seen enough gut-wrenching drama to change the name of Morrissey Boulevard to Melrose Place. But forecasting the paper's future is another matter.
With a new publisher and a bevy of edit changes, is the Boston Globe  poised for a new chapter?
By ADAM REILLY  |  January 29, 2010

Feds take ex-Globe union head to task

Back in December, I wrote that former Boston Newspaper Guild head Dan Totten's quest to get his job back could be undercut by a Department...
By Adam Reilly  |  January 11, 2010

Fourth-estate follies, 2009 edition

Between the rise of the Web, the ADD-addling of America, the fragmentation of any national political consensus, and the devastated economy, working in the press can feel a bit like manning the Titanic — and this year, the entire industry seemed to te
The Phoenix's second annual year in media malfeasance
By ADAM REILLY  |  December 25, 2009

The Globe's biggest union expels its head

What a difference six months make.
Union Blues Dept.
By ADAM REILLY  |  December 11, 2009

Totten trial chairwoman: the fix wasn't in

Like my former colleague Dan Kennedy, I've wondered whether Dan Totten's ouster as head of the Boston Newspaper Guild might be connected to Totten's hardline...
By Adam Reilly  |  December 03, 2009

Globe staffers to publisher: save us from healthcare "caste system"

The Globe story of the moment is the (possibly) impending sale of the paper--but mounting resistance to a new, high-cost health plan among the members...
By Adam Reilly  |  October 08, 2009

Globe staffers sound healthcare alarm

Just received an email sent from several Globe staffers to the leadership of the Boston Newspaper Guild (with the exception of the embattled Dan Totten),...
By Adam Reilly  |  September 30, 2009

Globe union shocker: Guild board moves against Totten

Fascinating twist in the battle for control of the Boston Newspaper Guild, the Globe's biggest union: the Guild's executive board has taken action against Guild...
By Adam Reilly  |  September 24, 2009

Menino's junked mail

Two years ago, when I wrote a column griping about the Boston media's apathy-inducing disinterest in city politics, Boston Globe metro editor Brian McGrory told me his paper had given the lackluster 2007 elections as much coverage as they deserved, b
The Globe ratchets up the intensity in Boston's mayoral race. Plus, the Times Co. gets some love from the Globe newsroom and BU books blowhard Bill O'Reilly.
By ADAM REILLY  |  September 18, 2009

Globe management to Globe unions: "turnaround" is working

At a meeting between Globe management and the Globe's union leadership earlier today, publisher Steve Ainsley  offered a reassuringly optimistic take on the state and...
By Adam Reilly  |  August 06, 2009
Boston Newspaper Guild leadership: Just vote "No" on July 20?

Boston Newspaper Guild leadership: Just vote "No" on July 20?

 Back on June 8, you may recall, the Boston Newspaper Guild narrowly rejected a controversial contract proposal from the New York Times Co. That proposal...
By Adam Reilly  |  July 16, 2009

Who won the Globe showdown?

Who won the Globe showdown?

 My first thought, when I heard about the tentative agreement struck by management and the Bo...
By Adam Reilly  |  June 24, 2009

Weakened watchdogs

If the Globe shrinks, will Beacon Hill run amok?
If the Globe shrinks, will Beacon Hill run amok?
By ADAM REILLY  |  June 19, 2009

Today's Globe question: what makes an impasse?

Beat the Press blogger Ralph Ranalli notes an interesting contradiction regarding the ongoing Times ...
By Adam Reilly  |  June 17, 2009

Guild, Times Co. inching toward agreement?

So reports WGBH-TV's Ralph Ranalli--who also suggests that those pesky lifetime-job guarantees will ...
By Adam Reilly  |  June 16, 2009

How the Guild could torment the Times Co.

One possibility: start adhering to work guidelines that are on the books, but that people have tende...
By Adam Reilly  |  June 12, 2009


The New York Times Co.'s baffling Globe strategy

It's no mystery why the New York Times Co. threatened, two months ago, to shutter the Boston Globe unless the paper's unions provided $20 million in concessions.
Come sale away
By ADAM REILLY  |  June 12, 2009

Guild no-shows: what kept you away?

This may be the first time I've ever said this, but...I've been wondering the same thing as Joe Fitz...
By Adam Reilly  |  June 10, 2009

The impasse-ible dream

So: now that the Boston Newspaper Guild has voted no, the New York Times Co. can just declare an imp...
By Adam Reilly  |  June 09, 2009

Totten looks ahead

Just received an email sent earlier today by Boston Newspaper Guild head Dan Totten, whose non-rejec...
By Adam Reilly  |  June 09, 2009
Globe contract rejection: point the finger at the Times Co.

Globe contract rejection: point the finger at the Times Co.

 When the media gaggle outside the Boston Globe's Dorchester HQ heard the final tally in today'...
By Adam Reilly  |  June 08, 2009

Deep six: Did a dozen members of Boston Newspaper Guild just decide the fate of the Globe?

The Boston Newspaper Guild -- the union representing the newsroom of the Boston Globe -- narrowly re...
By Carly Carioli  |  June 08, 2009

NYT Co: Globe could still close

In a rather...zesty email to my former Phoenix colleague Dan Kennedy, Globe reporter Brian Mooney--w...
By Adam Reilly  |  June 04, 2009

Parsing BoMag's Totten profile

In this month's Boston magazine, Jason Schwartz has what will probably be the definitive profile of ...
By Adam Reilly  |  May 27, 2009

Deal or no deal?

When the Boston Newspaper Guild, the Boston Globe 's largest union, decided to take the New York Times Company's latest contract offer to its members last week, ratification seemed like a done deal.
Will the Globe 's biggest union balk at the Times Co.'s offer? Plus, the Christian Science Monitor 's quietly successful re-launch, and sportswriter Bill Simmons's GM jones
By ADAM REILLY  |  May 15, 2009

Die another day

Now that the New York Times Company and representatives of the Boston Newspaper Guild, the Boston Globe 's biggest union, have agreed to a deal that will keep the paper alive (more on that in a bit), the great unanswered question becomes: what, exactl
The clock starts now on a potential Globe sale
By ADAM REILLY  |  May 08, 2009

Thursday media miscellany

--First, I've got a new Phoenix piece looking at the Times Co.'s plans for the Globe and why the Gui...
By Adam Reilly  |  May 07, 2009

The Times Co.'s last, shittiest offer

My close personal friend Dan Kennedy suggests that the Times Co.'s proposed 23 percent pay cut for B...
By Adam Reilly  |  May 05, 2009

Totten by the numbers

Readers of this blog know I've been alternately critical of and sympathetic to Dan Totten--the head ...
By Adam Reilly  |  May 05, 2009

New in the Phoenix: Scenes from the Globe crisis

In which I relate details from Marty Baron's Seaport Hotel speech, the most recent Boston Newspaper ...
By Adam Reilly  |  April 30, 2009