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SLIDESHOW: Boston Ballet's ''All Kylián''

Boston Ballet performs their ''All Kylián'' program at the Boston Opera House through March 17, 2013.

By ERIC ANTONIOU  |  March 15, 2013

Light waves: Boston Ballet's ''All Kylián''

A dead tree hanging upside down overhead, with a spotlight slowly circling it. A piano on stilts on one side of the stage, an ice sculpture's worth of bubble wrap on the other.

By JEFFREY GANTZ  |  March 15, 2013

Ten Spring dance performances

From the age of five, when he and his little brother Gregory took their first lesson from Henry LeTang, Maurice Hines Jr. has been a showbiz hoofer.

By DEBRA CASH  |  March 01, 2013

Outer moves, inner beauty: Looking back on the year in Boston dance

Here, in no particular order, are some of the highlights of the year in Boston dance.

By DEBRA CASH  |  December 14, 2012

Boston Ballet's Nutcracker: Visions of Sugarplums

Boston Ballet's stunning re-visioned Nutcracker is the best $2 million–plus investment this company has ever made.

By DEBRA CASH  |  December 07, 2012

Photos: Boston Ballet's Nutcracker at the Opera House

Boston Ballet stages The Nutcracker at the Opera House through December 30, 2012.

By ERIC ANTONIOU  |  December 07, 2012


The five worst Nutcracker roles

From the ages of eight to 16, I played just about every supporting role The Nutcracke r had to offer. Here are a few lowlights.
My star-studded turns in a low-budget, small-town production of Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece
By CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  November 23, 2012

Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker gets a makeunder

From November 23 through December 30, an expected 90,000 audience members will slide into seats at the Boston Opera House to take in The Nutcracker , a 42-year tradition for Boston Ballet and the result of countless hours of preparation — and not just
Tutu Takeover
By RENATA CERTO-WARE  |  November 23, 2012

Photos: The Nutcracker on the town

Out and about with the star of the Boston Ballet holiday show
Out and about with the star of the Boston Ballet holiday show
By DANNY KIM  |  November 23, 2012

At Home with John Lam

Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker is a local hallmark of the holiday season.

By SCOTT KEARNAN  |  November 16, 2012


Photos: The Boston Ballet's Fancy Free

The Boston Ballet performs "Fancy Free" at the Opera House on May 10-20, 2012.
Boston Opera House | May 10-20, 2012
By ERIC ANTONIOU  |  May 18, 2012

Boston Ballet struts Robbins, Lander, and Martins

It's almost enough to make you nostalgic for World War II.
Free and fancy
By DEBRA CASH  |  May 18, 2012

Boston Ballet Reignites Elo, Kylián, And Bruce

Choreographers in America rarely get to rethink and revise their work.
From ‘Sharp’ To ‘Sharper’; Boston Ballet's "Play With Fire"
By DEBRA CASH  |  March 09, 2012

Photos: Boston Ballet's 'Play With Fire'

Boston Ballet's 'Play With Fire' at the Boston Opera House
 Boston Ballet's 'Play With Fire' at the Boston Opera House
By ERIC ANTONIOU  |  March 09, 2012

Boston Ballet's 'Simply Sublime'

Boston Ballet's "Simply Sublime" (at the Opera House through February 19) traverses 20th-century ballet's arc from Russian romance to a robust and confident neoclassicism.  
Road to the city
By DEBRA CASH  |  February 17, 2012


Photos: Boston Ballet's Les Sylphides

A Boston take on Michel Fokine's 1909 "ballet blanc"
Boston Ballet performs at the Opera House
By ERIC ANTONIOU  |  February 14, 2012

Boston Ballet brings back John Cranko's Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet has probably inspired as many ballet translations as The Rite of Spring .
Return of the star-cross'd
By MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  November 11, 2011
American Ballet Theatre in Boston

Tudor, Millepied, Ratmansky, and Wheeldon at ABT

NEW YORK — American Ballet Theatre devoted only four performances of its two-month spring season at the Metropolitan Opera House to a mixed bill of short ballets.
Expanding the envelope
By MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  June 03, 2011
end of era with retirement of Boston Ballet dancer Larissa Ponomarenko

Larissa Ponomarenko bows out

The bad news — really bad news — this past week is that principal dancer Larissa Ponomarenko is retiring after 18 years with Boston Ballet. (She will, however, be staying on as a ballet master.)
End of an era
By JEFFREY GANTZ  |  May 27, 2011
next generation of Boston ballet dancers

The BIBC, 'Next Generation,' and more of Boston Ballet's 'Balanchine/Robbins'

It's been a busy week and a half. The first ever Boston International Ballet Competition took place May 12-16 at John Hancock Hall, climaxing with a gala awards ceremony and performance last Monday. On Wednesday, at the Opera House, Boston Ballet present
Ballet notebook
By JEFFREY GANTZ  |  May 21, 2011

bal list

Boston Ballet's 'Balanchine/Robbins,' plus a soupçon of tap

Boston Ballet is ending the season with four prime examples of ballet choreography, displaying not only the rigors of classical technique but the different kinds of images technique can be crafted to evoke.  
The pleasures of craft
By MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  May 20, 2011
robbins list

Boston Ballet's 'Balanchine/Robbins'

After the frenetic gutbusting of its Elo Experience and "Bella Figura" programs, Boston Ballet is closing out its 2010–2011 season with a breath of classical fresh air — or so it would seem.  
Mind games
By JEFFREY GANTZ  |  May 20, 2011
ballet list

The meaning of 'THE'

William Forsythe's 1991 ballet The Second Detail begins with 13 dancers in ice-blue leotards and tights, facing away from the audience.
Boston Ballet's 'Bella Figura'
By MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  May 06, 2011
Boston Ballet Bella Figura

Boston Ballet's 'Bella Figura'

"Bella figura" in Italian is more than a phrase — it's a philosophy. It makes life beautiful. "Bella Figura" as the title of Boston Ballet's latest program is an invitation to find beauty in three disparate choreographic styles — one of them incorporatin
Everything is beautiful
By JEFFREY GANTZ  |  April 29, 2011
A Midsummer Night's Dream by Boston Ballet

Boston Ballet’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

George Balanchine didn’t create a slew of full-length ballets, but it’s easy to see why a setting of Shakespeare’s ever-popular A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of them — and not just because, back home in St. Petersburg, when he was eight, he played a b
By JEFFREY GANTZ  |  April 15, 2011

Experience list

Jorma Elo and Anna Sokolow

In silence a man slowly pushes a large, light-filled box across a dark stage. The box is bigger than an outhouse and smaller than a garage, and the light shows through only one side.
What's in that box?
By MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  April 01, 2011
Boston Ballet Elo Experience

Boston Ballet's Elo Experience

Moon landing
Moon landing
By JEFFREY GANTZ  |  March 25, 2011

Festival Ballet's emotional, sensual Carmen

Although the gypsy girl Carmen is most familiar from the 1875 opera of that name by Georges Bizet, local audiences have also become acquainted with the Carmen performed by Festival Ballet, which was commissioned by them and first appreciated in the 20
Gypsy woman
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  January 28, 2011

The Best Boston Dance Stories of 2010

Some of the past year's most interesting dance events recaptured iconic moments in our history, either as usable texts for today's dancers or as a springboard into reinterpretation, parody, and nostalgia.
Tradition, innovation, and (loving) parody animated the year's dance
By MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  December 24, 2010