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ID fest 3

Identity Festival rocks out the dance party

Genre predictions are dumb, but there is one thing absolutely certain in music: rock music is dead, and the era of electronic dominance is finally here.
Beats happening
By LUKE O'NEIL  |  August 19, 2011
October 25 | Booka Shade at Royale

October 25 | Booka Shade at Royale

In some things - like, say, fashion and flirting - less is often more: careful accessorizing and batted eyelashes impress more effectively than a gaudy...
By Scott Kearnan  |  October 18, 2010

Booka Shade | More!

Booka Shade get back to where they once belonged.
Get Physical (2010)
By MIKAEL WOOD  |  May 07, 2010

They love the ’80s

“We are musicians, we are not DJs,” says Arno Kammermeier, one half of the electronic music duo Booka Shade.
Booka Shade bring the synths
By DAVID DAY  |  July 30, 2007

Mix surfing

Remixes are proliferating like benign viruses through the Web.
Finding the finest of Basstown on line
By DAVID DAY  |  July 30, 2007

Mixed and matched

For fans of the 4/4 beat, summer is defined by DJ mixes that go from the car to the beach to the patio with ease.
Four premium mixes to get your summer started right
By DAVID DAY  |  May 29, 2007


Meet Tanner Ross

You may not know the name Tanner Ross just yet, but you will.
Basstown’s latest tech sensation; Dubfire at Avalon
By DAVID DAY  |  April 03, 2007


The year being 2007, had I started off telling you this new Gui Boratto album is “intelligent dance music,” you’d have stopped reading right then and there.
Brazil’s Gui Boratto embraces IDM
By NICK SYLVESTER  |  March 27, 2007

Celebration in Beatport

Last week, Miami hosted the Winter Music Conference, a huge festival celebrating the year to come in dance music.
The digital dance warehouse
By DAVID DAY  |  March 27, 2007

3 DJs, 3 nights, 3 questions

The more we dig here at Circuits, the more dance nights, DJs, and genres we find. This week we have three different styles, three different DJs, and three questions. DJ Justice, "Vibe Control" (mp3)
Justice, Volvox, and Deano speak; Deeperlove shines
By DAVID DAY  |  January 09, 2007

Guest lists

What small, private lists like this remind us is that big, honking institutional lists are largely fictions, mirages of a consensus that no longer exists, if it ever really did in the first place.
 What 30 of the Phoenix 's music critics liked this year
By PHOENIX MUSIC STAFF  |  January 02, 2007


Wired for sound

In the hideyholes and squares all around our expansive city, pockets of electronic-music action can be found churning and yearning. Paul Dailey, "Live in Portland" (mp3)
Paul Dailey nationwide; Jimmy Van M at ID
By DAVID DAY  |  December 06, 2006