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Everybody Poops: And now everybody can drive, too

Everybody Poops: And now everybody can drive, too

If you think that the latest advancement in environmentally sound automobiles is totally full of're right. Introducing the Bio-Bug: a car fuled entirely by...
By Alexandra Cavallo  |  August 06, 2010
Norman Borlaug, 1914-2009, the Greatest Human Being That Ever Lived

Norman Borlaug, 1914-2009, the Greatest Human Being That Ever Lived

  With all these recent celebrity deaths, it's pretty lame of us media types that we haven't given more press/public attention to a real hero...
By Lisa Spinelli  |  September 15, 2009

Union electrical workers decry biotech greed

When young nerds were told that they would one day boss around guys who pummeled them in grade school, consoling parents and teachers should also have warned their prodigies about labor unions.
Conflict between the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.
By CHRIS FARAONE  |  March 04, 2009

The problem with the Pope’s new list of deadly sins

The pope recently declared obscene riches, pedophilia, and causing social injustice as three of the newest deadly sins.
By MARY ANN SORRENTINO  |  April 02, 2008

Impossible dream

It wasn’t impossible to build Rapture at the bottom of the ocean, Andrew Ryan would say of his creation. It was impossible to build it anywhere else.
BioShock  plumbs uncharted depths
By MITCH KRPATA  |  August 28, 2007


Protesting the bio-whatever

Eighteen dancers showed to prostest the BIO 2007 convention, but they were as fuzzy as their boas on a lot of details.
A week of biotech protests ends, not with a bang but with battery failure
By MARGARET DORIS  |  May 18, 2007

Culture war games

Karen Finley sat at the edge of the stage of Emerson College’s Cutler Majestic Theatre last week and spoke about a woman who got off on war.
Karen Finley moves on, ‘It’s Alive’ goes after bio-tech, ‘Personal Computer’ gets Webby
By GREG COOK  |  March 27, 2007

Must warn others

It’s a cliché of bad novels and late-night movies that scientists and artists represent two extreme — and mutually exclusive — poles of objectivity and subjectivity.
"It's Alive!" at Montserrat, "2007 North American Print Biennial" at 808 Gallery
By RANDI HOPKINS  |  February 06, 2007

Planned center wants food to stick around

GE Free Maine, a nonprofit coalition rallying against genetically engineered food, is one of a three agro-activist groups working to create a Maine Center for Food Sovereignty
By SARA DONNELLY  |  September 06, 2006

The Shaggy Dog

Dave Douglas (Tim Allen, who as the Santa Clause series attests is adept at these family shape-shifting comedies) is an LA deputy DA prosecuting an animal-rights activist for setting fire to a biotech company’s lab.
Tim Allen marks his cinematic territory
By TOM MEEK  |  March 08, 2006