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Anti-Flag | The General Strike

It wouldn't be easy for Anti-Flag to stay relevant nearly a quarter century into their careers, but it's as if they're not even trying anymore.
By BARRY THOMPSON  |  February 17, 2012

Fall, out; plus, the Met is all that

A busy FRIDAY (the 17th) begins in the boonies with LYIN’ BITCH & THE RESTRAINING ORDERS at Dan’s Place in West Greenwich (401.392.3092), while acclaimed pianist SHANNON COREY returns to the Speakeasy at Local 121 (401.454.4581).
Off the Couch
Anti-Flag at the Paradise

Anti-Flag at the Paradise

Pittsburgh punks Anti-Flag have made 9 albums now that sound more or less the same. But we keep buying every one. Why, you ask? Well, we’re...
By webteam  |  January 27, 2010

Music seen: Pinkerton Thugs

It has been more than a year since Kennebunk-based punkers The Pinkerton Thugs reunited, and yet there still seems to be a resonant buzz around their return. And seeing them live, you get the sense that the band are more relevant now than ever.
At Geno's, January 30, 2009
By CHAD CHAMBERLAIN  |  February 04, 2009

Political dispatches

Last summer, Chad Stokes (né Urmston) had the ultimate New England jam-band experience.

State Radio approach punk on Year of the Crow

By MATT ASHARE  |  April 15, 2008

A call to arms

Anti-Flag may look like fiery anarchists — but really they’re big softies.
Anti-Flag, Roxy, March 10, 2007
By I-HSIEN SHERWOOD  |  March 12, 2007


Going on sale, December 1, 2006

Anti-Flag, Matisyahu, Of Montreal, and more.
Breaking news from the concert-ticket trade
By GOING ON SALE  |  November 28, 2006

Original Sinner

I met Joan Jett because of Lisa King. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen the way it was supposed to. Joan Jett, "A.C.D.C." (QuickTime)
Joan Jett gets back in black
By ALIZA SHAPIRO  |  October 11, 2006


Any time a punk band — especially one with Anti-Flag’s legacy — moves to a major label, a backlash from the hardcore DIY faction is bound to ensue.
For Blood and Empire | RCA
By DAVID BOFFA  |  April 04, 2006

Anti-flag - side

By  |  April 04, 2006