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Jonah Tolchin’s Criminal Man is a product of the environment

As if there was any question regarding the impassioned subject matter found on Jonah Tolchin's recent full-length debut Criminal Man , the 19-year-old singer-songwriter-guitarist decidedly sets me straight during our interview earlier this week.
Straight outta Shannock
By CHRIS CONTI  |  June 08, 2012

Neil Young & Crazy Horse | Americana

The track listing for Americana, the first new release from Neil Young & Crazy Horse since 2003's Greendale, may make some fans skeptical at first.
Reprise (2012)
By NICK A. ZAINO II  |  June 01, 2012

For Coyote Kolb, the roots come together

Johnny Cash's baleful self-portrait "Ain't No Grave" oozes into my skull through a Sailor Jerry haze.
State of mind
By BARRY THOMPSON  |  January 27, 2012

Wilco | The Whole Love

Wilco's evolution from Uncle Tupelo detritus to post-Americana thinking-man's jam band goes two steps back on their eighth studio album, and that's a good thing.
dBpm (2011)
By ZETH LUNDY  |  September 30, 2011

I wanna Jamericana

For some of us, the title of Dirigo's debut album makes perfect sense. But I can't tell you how many times I've been asked: "So, it's like Jamaican reggae, but played in America?"
Carry on, wayward sons (and daughter)
By SAM PFEIFLE  |  September 02, 2011

Review: The David Wax Museum mesmerize Club Oberon

The Mexicano Americana folk band the David Wax Museum’s album-release party for Everything Is Saved at Oberon February 3 was a triumph in every way: musically, theatrically, even socially and politically.
Not so statuesque
By JON GARELICK  |  February 11, 2011


Rick Berlin | Paper Airplane

By JON GARELICK  |  October 15, 2010

Fiddle me this

I tend to suspect a solid percentage of what appear to be roots-movement bands are, in fact, punk bands who realized they get taken more seriously when they play acoustic guitars and pretend they've always been huge Johnny Cash fans.
Kingsley Flood don't even like alt-country
By BARRY THOMPSON  |  July 16, 2010

Sam Amidon | I See the Sign

Sam Amidon is fascinated with the songbook of old Americana, and his radical yet tasteful reimaginings of traditional folk ballads and hymns breathe new life into a form often seen as quaint and old-fashioned.
Bedroom Community
By MICHAEL PATRICK BRADY  |  April 16, 2010

Cowboy junkie

England in the mid-’80s, gray and depressed by Thatcherism and the Smiths, wasn’t a place folks typically dressed to the nines in ten-gallon hats, bolo ties, and Nudie shirts. But such were the sartorial choices made those days by the members of the Meko
In his paintings and music, Jon Langford resurrects and pays respect to a vanished American past
By MIKE MILIARD  |  April 09, 2010

The electric company

We all know how in 1965, at the Newport Folk Festival, the previously all-acoustic Bob Dylan took the stage with an electric guitar, plugged in, enraged fans, and destroyed the folk-music scene forever.
The Builders and the Butchers plug in, take off
By MICHAEL ALAN GOLDBERG  |  February 02, 2009