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Review: Obsessed

As a troubled husband and wife, Idris Elba and Beyoncé Knowles don't lack for chemistry and credibility. You can't say as much for the film in which they play these roles.
Makes Fatal Attraction look like a masterpiece
By TOM MEEK  |  May 01, 2009

Hope springs infernal

Given the current economic climate, spring this year is a season more of dread than of hope for change.
Brimstone and buddy movies are on the Hollywood agenda
By PETER KEOUGH  |  March 12, 2009

Resident Evil: Extinction

Meanwhile, the deep-pocketed Umbrella Corporation continues its nefarious schemes — puzzling, given the lack of commerce in an undead society.
A nail in the RE coffin
By BRETT MICHEL  |  September 26, 2007