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Excerpt: Evening’s Empire by BIll Flanagan

In this chapter, "The Drugs Don't Work," aging rock star Emerson Cutler and his manager, Jack Flynn, are seeking inspiration — and desperately trying to jumpstart his career.
An excerpt from Bill Flanagan’s new novel, Evening’s Empire , the true story of a band that never existed
By BILL FLANAGAN  |  February 05, 2010

Vieux Farka Touré | Fondo

On his extraordinary homonymous 2007 debut, Vieux Farka Touré both paid tribute to his late, legendary father, Malian guitar icon Ali Farka Touré, and began to distance himself from that heritage.
Six Degrees (2009)
By JEFF TAMARKIN  |  May 15, 2009

Basic elements

Boston was a world-music stronghold even before the “world music” genre existed.
The international and roots-music scene heats up
By TED DROZDOWSKI  |  September 08, 2008


Talking with Nathaniel Facey, the alto-saxophonist in the London band Empirical, you find it difficult at first to pin down where and how the quintet developed their unusual compositional style.
Empirical go to the movies, plus the Hot 8
By JON GARELICK  |  July 28, 2008

Vieux Farka Touré

Sons of musical icons, especially late ones, have both bloodlines and a lot to live up to.
Vieux Farka Touré | World Village
By BANNING EYRE  |  February 13, 2007

The news from Africa

Top 10 lists are always arbitrary, especially when applied to a “genre” as sprawling as world music.
A year in world music
By BANNING EYRE  |  December 18, 2006


Final acts

He may be known worldwide as an “African bluesman,” but he never embraced this idea.
Ali Farka Toure’s last recordings
By BANNING EYRE  |  November 07, 2006

Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté

Ali Farka Touré’s latest album, a dozen duets with kora master Toumani Diabaté, is now something of a requiem.
IN THE HEART OF THE MOON | World CiRcuit/Nonesuch
By TED DROZDOWSKI  |  March 14, 2006