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Taking Back Sunday are back on the scene

For a lot of people, just mentioning Tell All Your Friends reignites a bunch of old motifs and memories. For me, nostalgia accounts for half of my affection, whereas the album's raw, naïve tenacity justifies the remainder.
Pride of strong island
By REYAN ALI  |  July 15, 2011

Saturday's night's alright (for Sunday)

In gestures that pass for typical punk fashion, tens of thousands of TBS fans showed the extent of their enthusiasm by pelting each other with anything they could get their grubby little hands on and stepping up the shoving match in the pit every time t
Taking Back Sunday and the Receiving End of Sirens, September 9 at City Hall Plaza
By JULIA KAGANSKIY  |  September 12, 2006

Suddenly, last summer

The dynamic between Taking Back Sunday's eccentric singer and his audience is still preacher-to-choir -- it's just a much bigger choir. Slideshow: Taking Back Sunday at the Tweeter Center
Angels and Airwaves, Taking Back Sunday, and the Subways at the Tweeter Center
By MIKE JOHNSON  |  June 26, 2006

A little bit Louder Now

Having risen from post-hardcore bands that even your mom has taken to calling “emo,” they’re now a band with a rock and roll work ethic and aspirations to pop greatness.
Taking Back Sunday's Matt Rubano on flying mics, MySpace, Boston, and playing bass with Shaq
By VICKI G. SIOLOS  |  June 22, 2006

Emo corps?

The familiar sounds of Nirvana’s Nevermind are wafting out over the PA inside Fuse’s midtown-Manhattan studio, but few of the fresh-faced kids gathered on this April afternoon for a taping of the music-video network’s 7th Avenue Drop seem to recogniz
Taking Back Sunday turn up the volume
By MIKAEL WOOD  |  May 05, 2006