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Vaseline and blood: the writings and writhings of Eli V. Manuscript

Eli V. Manuscript says he kept his performance tame at the debut of his "The Empty Room" reading series earlier this month in Providence.
By PHILIP EIL  |  March 22, 2013

These 10 exhibits will open your eyes

In March, the RISD Museum dusts off its two millennia-old mummy of a priest named Nesmin as part of "Made for Eternity" (March 15 to November 17), a small showcase of the institution's Egyptian treasures.
Strange and wondrous
By GREG COOK  |  December 28, 2012

Ben Blanc’s intriguing ‘The Exchange’ at AS220

Two hundred black wood sculptures, resembling abstracted chunks of coal from some old video game, are lined up on a shelf running around the room in Ben Blanc's installation "The Exchange" at AS220's Project Space (93 Mathewson Street, Providence, throu
Selling an idea
By GREG COOK  |  January 20, 2012

Shows worth seeing in the new year

From centuries-old Taoist visions to the ways technology can channel emotions, local exhibits this winter prompt comparisons between then and now.
Eyes wide open
By GREG COOK  |  December 30, 2011

A British invasion and the local hall of fame

The art season follows the school year.
Autumn offerings
By GREG COOK  |  September 16, 2011